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3D Printer Builds House in 24 Hours

Here’s a great example of just how fast the world is changing and why we in Scotland County either have to get going or risk being left in the dust with little hope of ever catching up. I China, they’re already using this technology to not only build homes, but …

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Invisibility Cloaking is Here

Becoming invisible has been the subject of science fiction for decades, but the fact is it’s now becoming a reality. Imagine watching TV and drinking beer in plain sight while the boss expects you to be working. “… a group of German researchers has developed a portable invisibility cloak that …

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How to Access the Deep Web

  The Deep Web is the place to go to access forbidden fruit. Like an iceberg, it is mostly hidden from view, and as the Titanic discovered, what you can’t see can still hurt you. Forbidden fruit comes with consequences. Just ask Adam and Eve. Think before you take a …

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Ultrasound Heals Wounds

  Diabetics often suffer from slow healing wounds, plus, as we age, wounds in general take longer to heal. Here’s evidence that applying ultra high frequency soundwaves, a technology that’s been around a long time, can be used to safely heals wounds. “The high frequency soundwaves – commonly used to …

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