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‘Lack of Decorum’ at Laurinburg City Council Meeting

Editorial Opinion – by Frank Evans

‘Decorum’ as defined by Webster’s dictionary reads as follows… “correct or proper behavior that shows respect and good manners.”

For those who attended the Laurinburg City Council’s monthly session on Tuesday April 19th, you saw our government ‘at work’, taking public comments, addressing agenda items ranging from rezoning and land for business use, to hearing an update from the Arts Council.

One thing stood out throughout: City Manager Nichols’ and Council’s (especially member Willis) eyeballs remained glued on the clock at the rear of the room. Are they just great students of clock studies? Was there a TV show they didn’t want to miss? Were they awaiting news on the New York primary vote?

No matter the reason, such behavior was rude and inconsiderate to those present, the speakers and the business they were there to address. Leaning back in your chair, hands cradling your head and continuously trading comments amongst themselves, as City Manager Nichols and Councilmember Willis did, was not professional or appropriate while updates regarding the Lumber River Council of Governments and Laurinburg Housing Authority were given. How about you make a note of what you would like to say and hold those thoughts until the speaker has finished, and then converse as you may need.

Many people feel that this Council doesn’t listen. That was confirmed by clock watching and talking amongst themselves. Crazy idea: but if time is an issue, how about moving the meeting time to 6pm, or maybe even to Saturday at 10am (if that doesn’t interfere with brunch)?

I’m Frank Evans and I’m seeking the At-Large City Council Seat currently occupied by Dee Hammond. I’m not running against Ms. Hammond, but rather for the future of our two young boys. Like many of you, our family is sick and tired of not being listened to.

Thank You,

Frank Evans


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About Frank Evans

I'm a simple man, born 1982 right here in Laurinburg, at the ‘old hospital’, where the RCC Honeycutt building now sits. I attended Scotland High thru 11th grade, before moving to Wichita, Kansas where I graduated High School. I want my two boys to have the opportunity to grow up in a real ‘small town’ where there's community and opportunity. “If it ain't broke don't fix it” ... Well, it's broke, but with a strong work ethic, common sense and plenty of real life ‘hands on’ experience, I’m ready to step up and be part of the solution. An open mind, looking out for the people of Laurinburg, bringing about a direct path from the people to the City Council like there's never been before. Open, honest, transparent governance. Open to ideas, open to ‘We the People’. #I’mVotingFrankEvans

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