Law Enforcement – What’s Wrong?

There’s growing concern that Law Enforcement has lost its way.

There are two sides to every story. This is Part 1 of a 2 part series. To read Part 2, click here. You decide where the truth lies.

What’s Wrong:

There are plenty of bad guys and Law Enforcement stands between them and us. Their service is greatly appreciated and in exchange they are well compensated.

The Police are our employees. They work for us. They are paid with local tax dollars.

Americans are not required to obey laws that are unlawful or unconstitutional, nor is Law Enforcement empowered to enforce laws that defy the Constitution.


Why does local law enforcement now feel it needs a cheer-leading squad to post signs of support?

It’s true, the internet is brimming with videos showing Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) harassing, abusing, pepper spraying, tasing, beating, robbing, arresting, shooting and killing innocent citizens.

Yes, LEOs are using powerful, unlawful means like Stingrays to collect private information, conversations and data on each and every citizen, regardless of whether we are suspected of criminal activity or not. Did you know that when an innocent looking white van pulls up next to you at a traffic light, it might in fact be the police using ‘Backscatter X-Ray’ to look at everything inside your vehicle? Not only is this an unwarranted invasion of your privacy, it exposes everyone in the vehicle to harmful, cancer causing x-rays.

Sure, LEOs routinely stop citizens going about their normal business, in a ‘supposed’ effort to prevent crime.

police-shaking-person-upside-downFBI statistics disclose that $4.5 billion is stolen each year from the American people by law enforcement.

Homes, cars, business assets and cash are being routinely seized, without any charges filed or even the pretense of illegality or wrongdoing.

In contrast, the FBI states that only $3.5 billion is lost due to actual burglaries. That’s right; according to our own FBI, the vast majority of thefts are being committed not by burglars, but by Police. Many Departments now build ‘theft’ right into budgets so they can accurately plan in advance how much to steal.

Is it any wonder Americans increasingly view Police as dangerous predators? Should honest, God fearing citizens be forced to cower before those paid to serve and protect us?

Police recruits are trained to view the American people as ‘the enemy’. Are LEOs increasingly becoming mafia style enforcers who make sure we don’t forget who’s really in charge?

Many LEOs are ex-military, and while there can be valuable synergies between the two positions, there are important and fundamental differences as well.

Those drawn to military and law enforcement careers often express a strong preference for order and control, versus freedom and liberty. This might work well in a military setting, but it makes it difficult to strike the right balance needed to ensure peace, security, freedom and liberty in an open society. LEOs must walk a fine line, and theirs has never been an easy mission. In today’s politically charged atmosphere, it’s more challenging than ever.

Departments screen recruits to eliminate those with high IQ’s because intelligent individuals are more likely to question illegal, immoral and unconstitutional orders. This hiring bias robs society of a most valuable and capable human resource at a critical time in our Republic’s history.

As if to spray gasoline on an already blazing fire, Legislators pass tons of laws each year, most of which are neither well thought out or needed. The legislative process in no way ensures laws are just, lawful or constitutional.

Most legislation is not written by the legislators we elect, but rather by professional lobbyists in the employ of large corporations. Legislators routinely vote for Bills they’ve never even seen, let alone read.

Such Legislative abuse places an enormous burden upon LEOs who take a solemn oath to enforce the laws and defend the Constitution. How can LEOs defend that which millions of Americans have sacrificed, fought and died to preserve if we don’t give them clear and lawful instructions?

To make matters worse, Washington DC now showers state and local law enforcement with virtually unlimited taxpayer funded grants to acquire gnarly war wagons, military style combat gear, sophisticated surveillance technology, ALRs (automatic license plate readers) and the latest in crowd control. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between Law Enforcement and Soldiers going off to war. This poses a systemic threat to our nation, our freedoms and liberty.

Departments are equipping vehicles with Dash Cams and officers with Body Cams in a ‘stated effort’ to reign in rogue behavior, supposedly introducing transparency and accountability. This sounds great until you realize that Officers are able to selectively turn cameras on and off to suit their needs, and despite claims to the contrary, can and do edit footage to make sure videos fit the narrative they want told.

We’ve attended community programs sponsored by Local Law Enforcement, and quite frankly, came away disappointed. There’s little understanding and even less interest regarding the role today’s policing is expected to play if we are to successfully battle crime while remaining a free people in an open society.

Officers appear more interested in controlling and manipulating public dialogue and perceptions rather than doing the hard work needed to address genuine criminal activity.

Local Law Enforcement agencies are among those feeding at the Federal taxpayer trough to acquire the latest gadgets, gear and surveillance equipment. In exchange they agree to share information (through fusion centers) with Federal agencies that could not otherwise legally obtain such information.

This innocuous, seemingly innocent exchange is extremely short sighted and potentially very dangerous. By the time Americans discover the all too real dangers, it could be too late. Once a nationwide Police State is firmly established, there won’t be any going back. 5G is now coming on line and contrary to what you are being told it’s much more than an upgraded, faster wi-fi system. 5G is an extreme health danger and a dangerous crowd control and thought control weapon developed by DARPA and the military.

Those who know their history understand that what’s going on today is an exact replay of what happened in Hitler’s Nazi Germany, only with today’s much more advanced technology.

A large and growing number of Law Enforcement officials are extremely concerned and have formed (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association) in an effort to protect their citizens and our nation. Over 3000 Chiefs and Sheriffs have joined so far. Sadly enough, local officials are not among them.

Local Law Enforcement exists to serve and protect us, not roll out the red carpet for Washington’s schemers, scammers, kleptocrats and psychopaths.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”. Benjamin Franklin

Numerous attempts were made to engage Laurinburg Police Chief Darwin Williams and Scotland County Sheriff Ralph Kersey regarding the issues raised in this article. No response was received.

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