5G Dangers – Lies of the Media (video)

5G Wireless is the Greatest Danger America has ever faced, greater than Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

5G is being presented to the American people as a faster, benign, fun new WiFi system that will allow Sheeple to download favourite videos, movies, etc. in milliseconds rather than minutes. Isn’t that going to be fantastic? Well, no, 5G is actually an extremely powerful military grade mind and body control weapon created by DARPA and tested by the military against opposing forces in Iraq with tremendous success.

The Rothschild International Banking Dynasty, headquartered in Basil Switzerland controls many nations, including America and is getting ready to turn this weapon against anyone who threatens their transition of free democratic republics into cogs for their New World Order (NWO) one world government, where they are in charge, and we slavishly attend to their every want, need, desire and whim.

This powerful weapon is especially necessary here because the American people are armed and therefore difficult to control or enslave without something that makes traditional weapons obsolete. 5G is the answer. This high frequency wave weapon can cause extreme pain, make you sick, disabled, fry or kill you. It can even deliver instructions to our brains that we will follow without question, as was proven in Iraq. It can be targeted against individuals and crowds alike.

When fully operational, it’s going to be virtually impossible for Americans to fight off the monsters who now control us. The video below is only one of hundreds available online, but you won’t want to wait because our controllers are rapidly removing them.


The Fullerton Informer

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