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Hollowing Out Rural America

“What do we make of an economy in which a handful of bubblicious urban areas are magnets for jobs and capital while rural communities have been hollowed out? The short answer is that this progression of urbanization has been one of the core dynamics of civilization for thousands of years: opportunities …

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Pension Funds Failing

The author of this article, Catherine Austin-Fitts is often correctly attributed as being the most knowledgeable individual when it comes to the Deep State and its machinations. “Our planetary governance and financial system currently operates significantly outside of the law. Whether the cost of war, organized crime, corruption, environmental damage, …

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Work Remotely and Receive a Subsidy

“Remote workers are an extra driving force encouraging states, cities, and even countries to compete with each other. Money follows remote workers to their new state or city, instead of coming from the pool of jobs which already exist in that jurisdiction. When that new resident spends money on rent, …

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White People Piss Off Blacks (video)

Black on White crime, already horrific, continues to explode. Here’s a video showing what it can be like for your children to grow up in an ethnically diverse neighbourhood. One of these Black bullies, a twelve year old male, was so proud that he couldn’t wait to upload this travesty …

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Are Black Women the Problem? (video)

Here’s a black gentleman who’s not afraid to discuss a problem faced by America’s black community, which for the most part, it refuses to acknowledge, let alone talk about. Related Articles: The Truth about those Unemployment Statistics Scotland County Health Ranks 99th The Dystopic Nightmare You’ve been Fearing has Arrived …

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