Brianna Nicole Stanley – Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

Brianna Nicole Stanley was arrested November 30, 2018 by the Scotland County Sheriff’s Department for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old student at Carver Middle School in Laurinburg, North Carolina. This was Stanley’s first year of teaching with the school district where she taught seventh grade science.

The fact is more than 500 female teachers have been convicted nationwide of similar offences during just the past two years. It appears such behaviour is rapidly becoming the new normal.

What’s driving this epidemic? Professionals lay the blame at the feet of ubiquitous electronic technologies that allow instant communications between teachers and students, including the sharing of explicit messaging and photos.

Certainly, there is truth here, but there’s more to this story.

Children are sexually active earlier than ever due to the presence of Estrogen mimickers in our drinking water, food supply, packaging materials and clothing. Such chemicals cause the early onset of puberty.

Children are also being exposed to a constant barrage of sexual messaging through advertising, social media, gaming and subliminal messaging.

Students interact with teachers on a regular basis so it’s only natural that when sexual relationships develop teachers will be part of the mix.

A law enforcement official spoke at a real estate conference requesting that association members be required to report agents who may be engaging in or likely to engage in ‘inappropriate’ sex with minors.

When the speaker finished, the association’s president thanked him and recommended the association adopt law enforcement’s proposed new rules.

Before that could be done however, a well known, respected broker stood up among the crowd, and with a booming voice began presenting an opposing point of view.

The job of law enforcement he said was to enforce the law and the job of real estate professionals was to sell real estate. He questioned whether agents were competent to make decisions that could end up damaging or even destroying the reputations and careers of fellow agents, regardless of how well-intentioned, and questioned whether unscrupulous agents might even go so far as to falsely report competing agents in order to gain an unfair advantage.

He pointed out that sexual coming of age was a fluid concept that was constantly evolving and offered his grandparents up as an example.

They married at twelve and had their first of ten children at thirteen, all of whom grew up to be productive, law abiding citizens. By today’s standards his grand parents would be convicted sex offenders, and his grandfather a statutory rapist.

The broker ended by recommending the association reject law enforcement’s proposed new rules and received a rousing round of applause. Thankfully, that was the end of that.

Teachers having sex with students, is this a good idea? Of course not.

Should such behaviour be condoned or overlooked? Of course not.

Teachers have a responsibility to act responsibly and school districts have the right to set standards, policy and disciplinary action as necessary.

Legislators also have the right and responsibility to set standards through legislation, but let us bear in mind that most legislation is passed without ever having been read by those who introduce, promote and vote for it, as it is largely drafted by highly paid corporate and NGO lobbyists on behalf of those who have bought and paid for our legislators with donations, bribes and blackmail. It’s incumbent upon each of us, especially law enforcement and the judiciary, to question and carefully weigh the wisdom and applicability of legislated solutions.

Brianna Nicole Stanley’s job and career have been destroyed, and what’s left of her youth could very well be spent behind bars.

America already has more citizens locked away in jails and prisons than any other nation on earth, and American prison sentences are the most lengthy of any civilized nation. The U.S. has 4% of the world’s population but 33% of the world’s prisoners. We imprison ten times more of our citizens than all of Europe. Is America really the land of the Free or is it time we look in the mirror and ask ourselves what’s going on?

Law enforcement and District Attorneys now make prodigious use of a tool called ‘Stacking’ to make sure our prisons, especially our privately owned corporate prisons, stay full.

With so many laws now on the books, it’s estimated that each American commits at least 3 felonies a day, or 21 felonies each week, or 1092 felonies each year. Piss off the wrong person(s) and it’s easier than ever for the system to come up with reasons to arrest you… and, have you noticed that just about everything you do has become illegal but everything politicians, legislators, law enforcement and government bureaucrats do remains legal? Once arrested, they don’t just charge you with one crime, say tax fraud, they charge you with a whole host of crimes, like conspiracy to commit tax fraud, unlawful use of a bank account to commit tax fraud, conspiracy to unlawfully use electronic communications (a phone) to commit tax fraud, etc.

In theory you have the right to demand a trial before a jury of your peers, but ‘stacking’ makes this right virtually impossible to exercise. In addition to the original charge of tax fraud which carries a five year sentence, when all the other charges are stacked on top of it, you’re now facing 400 years in prison.

The District Attorney lets you know that if you force him/her and the court to go through the trouble and expense of a trial, they will ‘throw the book at you’, demanding you be sentenced to the maximum (400 years)… but if you plead guilty to the charges, they will only seek a sentence of twenty years.

This places defendants in a tight spot. Should you demand a jury trial and lose, you could spend the rest of your life in prison. If you agree to plead guilty, you will only spend twenty years in the slammer (despite that fact that you may be completely innocent). Our jails and prisons are full of individuals whose only real crime was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is the very situation Brianna Nicole Stanley now faces. Does she have the financial resources to adequately defend herself against the virtually unlimited resources of the District Attorney? Will Brianna be forced to accept an onerous, unjust plea agreement in order to avoid doing serious prison time? What would you do in her position?

Is Brianna Nicole Stanley just an average American girl, like most, having grown up with faces glued to cell phones and other electronic devices, sharing every thought, fantasy and desire on social media? Was the supposed victim really even a victim or just another horny participant?

How many of today’s parents are themselves poorly educated, uninformed, self centered, immature social media junkies and video gaming zombies whose children are essentially forced to raise themselves?

Numerous studies show that Social Media (SM) causes mental health problems. Many SM developers will not allow their own families to use the products they produce because they know all too well the damage they cause by manipulating individuals into making decisions and taking actions that are clearly self destructive.

85% of Facebook users believe its services are offered for free out of the kindness of their heart. Is this the same demographic that still believes in Santa Klaus the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy? Truth is FB and other SM make billions selling your most intimate personal information to corporations and government agencies. There simply is no ‘free lunch’.

What about our teaching colleges and universities? With over 500 female teachers having been convicted of sex crimes with students in just the past two years, can it be said that Brianna Nicole Stanley’s educators properly informed and instructed her regarding what is and isn’t acceptable sexual behaviour with students?

Did Scotland County’s school system’s ‘intake and orientation program’ for new teachers adequately explain its policies and expectations to Brianna?

100 years ago a twenty three year old teacher could reasonably be expected to enter the workforce as a mature, responsible adult, but can this really be said today when children are for the most part being raised by social media, burned out parents, failing schools and a never ending barrage of corporate/government/media propaganda?

Should Brianna Nicole Stanley receive a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ pass? Of course not. She is of legal age and, like it or not, will face consequences for her poor decisions.

We can only pray, that when our judicial system dispenses its particular brand of ‘justice’, The Punishment will befit the Crime.

While this young woman’s life hangs in the balance, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper hangs out and parties with a known, convicted sexual offender. Here’s the story.

Ask yourself, What would Jesus do?


Lady Liberty 1885

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