When the largest fire in California history (the Camp fire) began, mainstream media blamed it on campers who left their campfire unattended. When that meme fell apart they tried to blame it on a woman who lived in an isolated home in the forest, but that story too failed when it was revealed that PG&E, the electric utility provider, had called her saying they had an emergency and needed immediate access to her property. By the time PG&E crews arrived the home and surrounding forest were heavily engulfed in flames.

It has long been known that ‘Smart Meters’ frequently start fires, but this fact has been brushed under the carpet because ‘smart’ electric meters are part of a much bigger government control agenda.

With over 18,800 structures and 480 lives now destroyed it’s becoming increasingly difficult however for media and government shills to hide the fact that there is much more going on than official stories reveal.

Not only can Smart Meters accidentally start fires, they receive wi-fi and satellite signals which can trigger them to start fires. Some believe PG&E is being set up as the patsy to take the fall, when in reality it’s the government that is remotely triggering Smart Meters to start the fires.

As information continues to leak out PG&E has become increasingly concerned that it will be blamed for the fires, damages and loss of life. Fearing claims could far exceed their insurance coverage limits, PG&E has drawn down its entire $3.2 billion line of credit and now says even that may not be enough and they could be forced to file bankruptcy. The utility is also seeking a bailout from the California state legislature, but so far politicians in Sacramento remain cool to the idea. We’re guessing that before it’s over a taxpayer bailout will occur in order to hush up the truth and that the Feds will secretly reimburse the State.

While this twist in events is in itself a major story, there’s more. Analysis of wildfire videos and photos shows that in many cases, just like in earlier CA wildfires, homes were destroyed while trees and even plastic mailboxes just feet away were left completely untouched. This of course would be impossible under normal circumstances, but for those of us in the know this is clear evidence that Directed Energy Beam Weapons are being used. That’s right, these homes aren’t being destroyed by wildfires but by US Government ‘directed energy beam weapons’ remotely triggered by wi-fi, satellites, aircraft and drones.

This latest spat of wildfires, like other recent events such as disastrous hurricanes, are for the most part government geo-engineered events designed to lay the ground work so the American people can be panicked and stampeded into believing Climate Change doomsday disaster is upon us and that only drastic measures will save our nation. Naturally, these measures will include gun confiscation, martial law and more police state style military rule.

Massive censorship efforts now underway by FB, Google, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are further evidence that our government, which is controlled by the Rothschild international banking dynasty, correctly fears that all too many Americans are getting wise as to their machinations.

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