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CarolinaCrossroads.news Launches


Carolina Crossroads News is a locally owned and operated Free online digital media serving Scotland County.

Viewers are encouraged to comment, submit articles, opinions, videos, short stories, art, recipes, notice of community events, etc. Don’t feel you need to be a journalist either. Writing skills not everything you’d wish? We’re happy to polish things up a bit and make the grammar come out right.

CCN’s mission is to serve neighbors and friends, to give, not take, to promote healthy, prosperous, safe communities where individuals of all backgrounds, walks of life and persuasions can live, work, worship and prosper in peace and harmony, a place where everyone feels needed and welcome, and if desired, can discover exciting, fulfilling, living wage careers, while taking advantage of our rich and diverse social and cultural heritage.

Scotland County is in serious economic trouble. Far too many individuals, families and businesses are hurting. CCN isn’t here to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic, but rather to help effectuate real, meaningful, positive and lasting change. We’re the catalyst, the rest is up to You.

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