Virtually everything we’re presently being taught is a lie. Those who rule over us must keep us off balance, entertained and in the dark if our enslavement is to continue. One Shepard with a good sheep dog can ride herd over multitudes of sheep.

Our children are not in school, college or at university to be educated, but rather to be indoctrinated, to become the next generation of compliant, obedient robot zombie slaves toiling for an unseen master. Unlike the slavery of yesteryear, today’s debt slavery isn’t just for African Americans. It’s diverse, multicultural and all inclusive.

Scotland County’s New School

Public education is undergoing increasing scrutiny. America spends more per pupil on K-12 education than any other developed nation, yet, despite such taxpayer generosity, American students score at the very bottom, as measured by internationally recognized standards. Scotland County schools rank near the bottom in North Carolina. Educators’ solutions have …

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