Scotland County ranks 99th out of 100 NC counties in Health, one more sign that we’re headed in the wrong direction and change is needed.

The fact is Good Health largely depends upon decisions we as individuals make each day. Healthy lifestyle choices are only a few keystrokes away, as the Internet is filled with great information, articles and tips on how to live healthier, longer and for less money.

Bill Gates Outed by World Renowned NC Doctor

Bill & Melinda Gates and fellow travelers must be brought to justice for their horrible crimes against humanity which threaten mankind’s very existence. Sources: Next News Network   Related Articles: COVID-19 Economic Collapse Update Alert (video) Trump Declares National Emergency, Abdicates Presidential Powers (video) Doctor explains why he won’t allow …

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Doctors are Waking Up and Speaking Out About Covid-19 (video)

Doctors are waking up and speaking out about the Covid-19 Hoax by powerful elites. It’s getting harder by the day for parasitic elites like Bill & Melinda Gates to push their nefarious agenda of world lock-down, depopulation and total control.   Sources: The Corbett Report Bitchute Channel – Data Dumper …

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Doctor explains why he won’t allow his children to be Vaccinated (video)

More and more doctors and scientists are refusing to allow themselves and their families to be vaccinated. Here’s why:     Sources: Family Health Chiropractic Related Articles: Scotland County North Carolina Health Ranks 99th out of 100 Counties Chemtrails – What’s Going On? (video) E-Cigarette Makers Frantically Targeting Your Children …

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Study Shows Aspartame Damages Brain

“The American public, which consumes enormous quantities of aspartame, is increasingly identified as “dumbed-down” and full of fear, hatred and violence. Their brains are being altered by chemicals that turn humans into more animalistic organisms that lack higher cognitive function. As this study shows, aspartame may be contributing to the …

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E-Cigarette Makers Frantically Targeting Your Children

E-Cigarettes (vaping), originally touted as a safe alternative to smoking, has turned out to be an extremely serious health threat.  “The use of nicotine in high schoolers and those in middle schools continues to rise and is on target to become a major health crisis. Big tobacco is so frantic …

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Air Force Chemtrails Pilot Speaks Out (video)

Air Force pilots and crews are spraying our skies with deadly toxins, but due to extreme secrecy regarding this project, it’s been virtually impossible for an increasingly concerned public to learn what’s going on. Here’s a video that sheds some light on this unfolding disaster.     Related Articles: Chemtrails …

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Should we add Lithium to the water supply?

Like we don’t already have enough Americans addicted to psychotropic drugs, let’s just make everyone happy go lucky by adding lithium to the drinking water. “A Tufts psychology professor and Harvard Medical School lecturer has recommended dosing US water supplies with the lithium in order to reduce suicide rates, saving an …

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Chemtrails – What’s Going On? (video)

We’ve all looked up into the sky and seen jets streaking across the horizon leaving a crisscross pattern of trails in their wake. Government officials tried to allay public concern by explaining these were ‘condensation vapor trails’ (contrails) caused by normal jet engine exhausts at high altitude. While this may …

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The Mystery of the Eugene Signal – Still Unsolved (video)

“Why exactly was this particular electromagnetic signal hovering over and saturating this town? How does it connect to military and political control objectives? What are the ultimate implications – for residents of this particular area, and for the peoples of the world? The larger truth goes much, much deeper, indeed, …

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