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Scotland County ranks 99th out of 100 NC counties in Health, one more sign that we’re headed in the wrong direction and change is needed.

The fact is Good Health largely depends upon decisions we as individuals make each day. Healthy lifestyle choices are only a few keystrokes away, as the Internet is filled with great information, articles and tips on how to live healthier, longer and for less money.

Methyl Bromide Air Pollution – NC Proposes First Regulation

“Depending on the frequency and degree of the exposure to the compound, the lungs may fill with fluid or grow lesions. The kidneys, liver and esophagus can suffer. A developing fetus might fail to normally grow. And the brain: Like a fortress, the brain contains cells to repel substances from …

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Food Fight: How Corporations Ruined Food (video)

America’s mega corporations along with the USDA turned America’s food supply into a complete disaster. Today’s Americans are obese, diabetic, lethargic, cancer ridden, stressed out and plagued with heart disease and insomnia. Watch these Americans work to turn this plague around.       Related Articles: Everyday Products and How …

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5G Smart Grid IS the New World Order (video)

5G or 5th Generation wireless technology is being rolled out nationwide and will be fully operational soon. It promises to bring lightening fast internet communications to virtually all Americans. Downloads that now take minutes will be done in less than a second. Sounds wonderful. Unfortunately there’s a dark side, a …

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Everyday Products and How You’re Being Chemically Castrated

“Testosterone levels are dropping alongside sperm count by a reported 1-2% per year since 1987. Testosterone is the basis for masculinity. Mental well being, confidence and general health are all affected by low T levels. In other words, for you to be a healthy, happy and vibrant man, you need …

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North Carolina: Huge Mosquito Plague Descends

“A plague of huge mosquitoes has descended on North Carolina, spawned from the floodwaters left behind by Hurricanes Florence and Michael. With the oversized shaggy-legged gallinippers, as they are colorfully known, swarming the flood-ravaged state, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper on Wednesday pledged $4 million to fight the infestation.” Read …

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BPA in Canned Goods

Bisphenol A or BPA is found in many everyday items we use. In addition to being suspected of causing cancer, it’s an estrogen mimicker which can cause the early onset of puberty in girls and feminization of males. Negative publicity has caused some manufacturers to eliminate BPA from products like …

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Extend Your Life & Save the Planet!

  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, many of us will live long, healthy lives, well beyond current expectations. Advances in technology, specifically life extension and longevity, require that we re-examine what earlier may have been ‘not our problem’, leaving important issues to future generations. Guess again, many …

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Avoid Knee Replacement and Pain

  If you or someone you know suffers from knee pain, before knee replacement surgery is considered, here’s a potential solution that just may help avoid that costly and painful surgery and lengthy rehab time. This device also has the potential to restore the knee to ‘normal loading condtions’ and …

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Hormones Matter for All of Us

  Hormones, produced by glands and organs in our bodies, are the chemical messengers that carry the information needed by your body to survive and keep it functioning at optimal levels, controlling most major bodily functions, from simple basic needs like hunger to complex systems like reproduction, and even emotions …

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Ultrasound Heals Wounds

  Diabetics often suffer from slow healing wounds, plus, as we age, wounds in general take longer to heal. Here’s evidence that applying ultra high frequency soundwaves, a technology that’s been around a long time, can be used to safely heals wounds. “The high frequency soundwaves – commonly used to …

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