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Why You Don’t Want to Talk to the Police (video)

According to this prominent attorney and legal scholar, whether you are innocent or guilty, here is why you absolutely, positively never ever want to talk to the police: “Regent Law Professor James Duane gives viewers startling reasons why they should always exercise their 5th Amendment rights when questioned by government …

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Who’s Spying on You?

We’re all familiar with Cell Phone Towers, they’re virtually everywhere, but did you know that most towers have little to do with providing legitimate cell communications? That’s right, these towers use illegal ‘Stingray’ and other technologies like IMSI Catcher, HailStorm, DRT Box and PRISM to track, collect and record all …

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Privacy, Surveillance, Spying (video)

Many, including us, believe Edward Snowden to be a true American Hero. Others think Ed is a traitor who should be executed, or at the very least imprisoned for life. How are Americans to remain a free people and govern ourselves responsibly if ‘We the People’ are uninformed, especially regarding …

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We Support Our Police

Laurinburg Police recently arrested several subjects following a month’s long investigation into a Vance Street convenience store suspected of selling synthetic marijuana, known as Spice. Dealing in, selling or promoting illegal substances is never wise. Doing so from a convenience store appears just plain stupid. Any perceived value will now …

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Mayor & Police Chief Poised to Shift Gears?

Mayor Matt Block and Police Chief Darwin Williams recent publicity stroll through Laurinburg City Hall appears designed to ensure sufficient ‘cover’ is in place prior to shifting gears in favor of the new $5.5 million City Hall/Police Complex. City Manager Charles Nichol’s meme, ‘If it’s not now, it’s going to …

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