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Law enforcement is charged with a critical societal function. Our nation cannot stand without the ‘Rule of Law’. Unfortunately, law enforcement has largely been captured by the same satanic Rothschild Banking Dynasty that rules Wall Street and Washington DC. Our County Sheriff’s Department is no exception.

Should we fail to reign in this monster, America will most certainly fall under a dark, draconian military style police state dictatorship. As always, our future is up to us!

The Police State is Creating a Suspect Society

“It’s a given that Big Brother is always watching us. Unfortunately, thanks to the government’s ongoing efforts to build massive databases using surveillance, DNA, biometrics, etc, Big Brother (and his corporate partners in crime) is getting even creepier and more invasive, intrusive and stalker-like.” Read more…     Related Articles: …

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Police Using Self-Deleting Message Apps is Not Just Bad for Accountability … It’s Illegal

“In a disturbing trend, government officials and police departments have been thwarting public oversight by using communications apps that automatically delete messages. The latest example comes from Southern California, where an investigation by Al Jazeera and the ACLU of Southern California revealed last week that the Long Beach Police Department …

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