Following World War 2, military-industrial complex leaders came to understand the importance of having bases, contractors, vendors, workers and veterans in every US Congressional District.

Any politician foolish failing to support military spending would be met with a firestorm of protest from voters concerned about Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

This ingenuous strategy has worked so well that today, all 50 states can be counted on as loyal, rock solid cheerleaders for the Military-Industrial Complex. Military Worship is deeply ingrained into every facet of the American psyche.

Bill Gates Outed by World Renowned NC Doctor

Bill & Melinda Gates and fellow travelers must be brought to justice for their horrible crimes against humanity which threaten mankind’s very existence. Sources: Next News Network   Related Articles: COVID-19 Economic Collapse Update Alert (video) Trump Declares National Emergency, Abdicates Presidential Powers (video) Doctor explains why he won’t allow …

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Air Force Chemtrails Pilot Speaks Out (video)

Air Force pilots and crews are spraying our skies with deadly toxins, but due to extreme secrecy regarding this project, it’s been virtually impossible for an increasingly concerned public to learn what’s going on. Here’s a video that sheds some light on this unfolding disaster.     Related Articles: Chemtrails …

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Energy Drinks Making Soldiers Crazy

“Excessive consumption of energy drinks may be exacerbating PTSD and other mental health problems among soldiers, a new study finds. A study published in the Military Medicine journal examined 627 male infantry soldiers seven months after a combat deployment and found one in six were still heavy energy drink users.” Read …

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Has America’s Military Become a Joke?

“The current state of the American Army. Troops learn the hardships of pregnancy. The United States seems to be contemplating war with Russia, Iran, China, or all three Washington pushes NATO ever closer to Russia, leaves the nuclear-missile treaty and tries to destroy both countries and China economically. Why the …

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The Mystery of the Eugene Signal – Still Unsolved (video)

“Why exactly was this particular electromagnetic signal hovering over and saturating this town? How does it connect to military and political control objectives? What are the ultimate implications – for residents of this particular area, and for the peoples of the world? The larger truth goes much, much deeper, indeed, …

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US Special Forces – Murder for Hire

Has America’s military become a breeding ground, a training center for hired assassins who go anywhere and kill anyone for money? The answer is unfortunately, Yes. ““There was a targeted assassination program in Yemen. I was running it. We did it” — confessed Hungarian Israeli security contractor Abraham Golan who heads the Delaware-based …

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