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Brings attention to statewide issues not being widely or adequately covered by main stream media.

Gibson’s Crime Wave – One Resident’s Frightening Story!

Gibson Commits Municipal Suicide – Part 2 The crime wave (see here, here and here) that has gripped this small southern town is no accident or coincidence. Gibson, North Carolina 28343 is hellbent on committing ‘Municipal Suicide’. Armed, violent, recidivist criminals are running loose terrorizing the community, while Town Officials …

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North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper Attends Gala Hosted By Sex Offender

“North Carolina Media was nowhere to be found. In fact, a Google search shows zero stories from any news outlet in the state save one – an LGBT specific one called Qnotes. The lack of news coverage is troubling, given that on December 13th, the Charlotte LGBT Chamber’s Facebook page …

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North Carolina State University to offer Doctorate in Social Justice

Just as you thought things couldn’t get any crazier… “NCSU College Republicans chairman Kye Laughter told Campus Reform he views this new Ph.D. program as a way to push social justice on future students. “I think any person pursuing a degree or a Ph.D. in social justice already has an …

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CA Wildfires & Hurricanes – Disaster Capitalism at Work


California’s latest spat of wildfires are no accident, neither are recent hurricanes. As one CIA assets says: “In today’s world, there are no accidents or coincidences”. ‘Disaster Capitalism’ is Big business. It’s as American as apple pie. Millions are employed repairing, restoring and replacing homes, vehicles, appliances and infrastructure damaged …

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NC Medicaid Moves Forward With Managed Care

“North Carolina’s Medicaid overhaul cleared a major hurdle this week with the federal government giving an official nod to plans to switch to a managed-care system.” “The ongoing switch to managed care has huge implications, with roughly one-in-five North Carolinians depending on the federally mandated but state-managed Medicaid program for …

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Methyl Bromide Air Pollution – NC Proposes First Regulation

“Depending on the frequency and degree of the exposure to the compound, the lungs may fill with fluid or grow lesions. The kidneys, liver and esophagus can suffer. A developing fetus might fail to normally grow. And the brain: Like a fortress, the brain contains cells to repel substances from …

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Soros Funded Group Mailing Absentee Ballot Applications to North Carolina Voters

The last thing we need is a wanted criminal like George Soros meddling in our election process. “Local North Carolina media outlet WFMY reported on the deceptive nature of these mailings which claimed the recipient might not be registered at all and warned voters that these forms were not from …

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North Carolina: Blind Teen Surrounded by Bullies Who Broke Phone (video)

“Law enforcement officials in North Carolina have launched a criminal investigation after a cellphone video emerged on Facebook showing a legally blind high school student being bullied and having his phone stolen and then shattered.” Read more and watch video…       Related Articles: Time to Fire Scotland County …

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North Carolina: Huge Mosquito Plague Descends

“A plague of huge mosquitoes has descended on North Carolina, spawned from the floodwaters left behind by Hurricanes Florence and Michael. With the oversized shaggy-legged gallinippers, as they are colorfully known, swarming the flood-ravaged state, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper on Wednesday pledged $4 million to fight the infestation.” Read …

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NC Fights PayPal’s Corporate Bullying

The City of Charlotte recently passed an ordinance allowing individuals to select the restroom of their “gender identity”. The State Legislature responded by passing the ‘Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act’, which not only overturned the Charlotte ordinance, but protects the right of all North Carolinians to use a restroom …

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