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Geoengineering Watch Alert (video)

We are nearer to a moment when converging global events could catalyze populations in a common cause. If such an awakening were to occur, what would be the most logical top priority challenge for us to collectively focus on first? Could a societal wake up be the silver lining to …

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CA Wildfires & Hurricanes – Disaster Capitalism at Work


California’s latest spat of wildfires are no accident, neither are recent hurricanes. As one CIA assets says: “In today’s world, there are no accidents or coincidences”. ‘Disaster Capitalism’ is Big business. It’s as American as apple pie. Millions are employed repairing, restoring and replacing homes, vehicles, appliances and infrastructure damaged …

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5G Dangers – Lies of the Media (video)

5G Wireless is the Greatest Danger America has ever faced, greater than Pearl Harbor or 9/11. 5G is being presented to the American people as a faster, benign, fun new WiFi system that will allow Sheeple to download favourite videos, movies, etc. in milliseconds rather than minutes. Isn’t that going …

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Chemtrails – What’s Going On? (video)

We’ve all looked up into the sky and seen jets streaking across the horizon leaving a crisscross pattern of trails in their wake. Government officials tried to allay public concern by explaining these were ‘condensation vapor trails’ (contrails) caused by normal jet engine exhausts at high altitude. While this may …

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The Mystery of the Eugene Signal – Still Unsolved (video)

“Why exactly was this particular electromagnetic signal hovering over and saturating this town? How does it connect to military and political control objectives? What are the ultimate implications – for residents of this particular area, and for the peoples of the world? The larger truth goes much, much deeper, indeed, …

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The World’s Biggest Factory (video)

Watch as the world’s biggest factory out-competes anything North America or Europe has to offer.     Related Articles: Shenzhen – China’s Silicon Valley (video) What Happens When We Buy Jobs? Food Fight: How Corporations Ruined Food (video)   Get Your Free Subscription Today to Carolina Crossroads News. We won’t …

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5G Smart Grid IS the New World Order (video)

5G or 5th Generation wireless technology is being rolled out nationwide and will be fully operational soon. It promises to bring lightening fast internet communications to virtually all Americans. Downloads that now take minutes will be done in less than a second. Sounds wonderful. Unfortunately there’s a dark side, a …

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KFC Opens Restaurant using Robots Only

While Scotland County Economic Development is trying to bring back the good old days of low skill, low pay factory style jobs, the rest of the world continues to move forward, leaving us even further in the dust. Kentucky Fried Chicken just opened its first restaurant run entirely by robots, …

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