Scotland County

Scotland is one of 100 North Carolina counties. We are in last place in virtually every category. We have the highest unemployment rate, the lowest per capita income, lowest educational achievement, highest crime rate and second worst health rating. It’s not a pretty picture.

The good news is, this unenviable record can be reversed. The key rests right in our own pocket, but we must be willing to reach in, grab it, insert it into the lock and turn it. No one can or will do this for us.

Our future is within us!

Chemtrails – What’s Going On? (video)

We’ve all looked up into the sky and seen jets streaking across the horizon leaving a crisscross pattern of trails in their wake. Government officials tried to allay public concern by explaining these were ‘condensation vapor trails’ (contrails) caused by normal jet engine exhausts at high altitude. While this may …

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Gibson North Carolina 28343 – Town Government

Your Government Fear knowledge, embrace ignorance Town Hall: 4681 Main Street Gibson NC 28343 910-268-4291 Email: Mailing Address: PO Box 256 Gibson, NC 28343   Town Meeting Location: Gibson Historical Community Depot & Museum 13620 Oil Mill Road, Gibson, NC 28343 See meeting dates and times here.   Town …

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Gibson North Carolina 28343 – Churches

Gibson Baptist Church Main St. Gibson, NC 28345 (910) 268-4759 Pastor: Rev. David Benton Sunday School: 10:00 a.m. Worship: 11:00 a.m. Gibson Methodist Church Church St. Gibson, NC 28345 Pastors: Revs. Pat & John Butson Worship: 11:00 a.m. Save

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Gibson North Carolina 28343 – Businesses & Services

Agricultural: Gibson Bonded Cotton Warehouse Main St Gibson, NC 28343   Automotive: Mumford’s Service Center Gas, general automotive repairs and tire installation and repair. 4650 Main St Gibson, NC 28343 (910) 268-4411 Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.   Family Dollar 5091 Main St Gibson, NC 28343 …

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Scotland County North Carolina Mired in Depression (Part 2)

Click Here to read Part 1 Scotland County remains mired in a Deep Depression. We’re the most economically depressed county in all North Carolina. Mill and manufacturing operations fled heavily unionized, high tax, highly regulated northern states during the 1940’s and 50’s. Later, when those same companies discovered that NAFTA …

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Scotland County North Carolina Mired in Depression (Part 1)

Scotland is the most economically distressed county in North Carolina. That’s not exactly breaking news. We wholeheartedly agree with sentiments expressed by State Senator Tom McInnes, who stated: “The way it is right now, we can’t make anybody locate a plant in Scotland County if they don’t want to come …

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Scotland County/Laurinburg Fleeced in Huge Financial Scam

Big fish eat little fish, the strong prey upon the weak, and the knowledgeable quarry the ignorant. Scotland County’s dismal economic, education and health metrics are self-imposed, the result of poor choices made over decades. Some say we’ve gone down about as far down as we can go, but we’re …

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