Scotland County

Scotland is one of 100 North Carolina counties. We are in last place in virtually every category. We have the highest unemployment rate, the lowest per capita income, lowest educational achievement, highest crime rate and second worst health rating. It’s not a pretty picture.

The good news is, this unenviable record can be reversed. The key rests right in our own pocket, but we must be willing to reach in, grab it, insert it into the lock and turn it. No one can or will do this for us.

Our future is within us!

Privacy, Surveillance, Spying (video)

Many, including us, believe Edward Snowden to be a true American Hero. Others think Ed is a traitor who should be executed, or at the very least imprisoned for life. How are Americans to remain a free people and govern ourselves responsibly if ‘We the People’ are uninformed, especially regarding …

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Matthew Block Unexpectedly Withdraws from County Commission Race!

As ‘Early Voting’ got underway Matthew Block, candidate for one of two open Stewartsville Township seats on the County Board of Commissioners, announced his withdrawal from the race, virtually guaranteeing that Democratic incumbent Carol McCall will be reelected and Republican candidate Tim Ivey will be elected. Since Block’s name remains …

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What Happens When We Buy Jobs?

Huge corporations like Walmart, Walgreen, MacDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Nestle’s, etc. keep the real cost of their products and services hidden from consumers. When we invite and incentivize low wage jobs into our community, the only winners are the mega corporations. Taxpayers get stuck with the true costs by having …

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John Blue Cotton Festival Cancels

For the second time in three years, the John Blue Festival has been cancelled as a result of the rain and resulting mud caused by tropical storm Michael. ““It’s very important to me that our patrons and everyone know that we are very disappointed by having to cancel the event,” …

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Scotland County Fall 2018 Election – Sample Ballot +More

General Voter information: Voter Deadlines Guide Information on Constitutional Amendments Best wishes from everyone at Carolina Crossroads News. Download Sample Ballot Here: Scotland County 2018 Sample Ballot     Affiliate Disclosure: Some links on this page may be affiliate links which, if used to purchase products, would yield a small …

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Vote NO on Scotland County Referendum to Increase Sales & Use Tax

Vote NO! – Don’t Increase Scotland County Sales and Use Tax Scotland County has the well deserved reputation for the highest taxes in North Carolina. Despite such bounty, our Commissioners now want us to pony up for even higher rates. Scotland County is in deep trouble that’s for sure, but …

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Strip Mining Scotland County – Part 1

You probably think strip mining is reserved for coal, iron ore, copper and other large mineral deposits. You’d be wrong. Strip mining has and continues to be the largest industry in Scotland County. It’s occurring right under our noses, in broad daylight. The Laurinburg Exchange (LE) recently excoriated Laurinburg Mayor …

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Economic Development – the Difference One Man Made (Video)

What a Difference As Scotland County struggles to right its severely depressed economy, take a look at what one man with determination and a clear vision accomplished. It wasn’t easy, but it sure made a difference. David Madore – Part 1 – Businessman  David Madore – Part 2 – Supporting …

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