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Most US news coverage is designed to appeal to those with a nine year old child’s comprehension level. This is is a sad commentary on present day America, but the fact is we have been severely dumbed down and for the most part are no longer able to understand or partake in issue discussions at an adult level. This has profound negative implications for our self governing, constitutional, democratic republic.

CCN presents issues of national importance. It’s not for everybody.

The Mystery of the Eugene Signal – Still Unsolved (video)

“Why exactly was this particular electromagnetic signal hovering over and saturating this town? How does it connect to military and political control objectives? What are the ultimate implications – for residents of this particular area, and for the peoples of the world? The larger truth goes much, much deeper, indeed, …

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US Special Forces – Murder for Hire

Has America’s military become a breeding ground, a training center for hired assassins who go anywhere and kill anyone for money? The answer is unfortunately, Yes. ““There was a targeted assassination program in Yemen. I was running it. We did it” — confessed Hungarian Israeli security contractor Abraham Golan who heads the Delaware-based …

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Big Bada Boom! (Video)

Mark Passio has a very strong point of view regarding ‘What’s Going on in America’ and ‘Where it’s Headed’. Mark could be wrong, but then again he might just be right. If so, it’s time to get your gun because the fight of your life is coming, and it’s coming …

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Facebook Supports Trump Assassination

Mark Zuckerberg is the grandson of one of the New World Order’s main proponents, David Rockefeller. If you have something controversial to say on Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Forget It. Facebook scrubs anything they don’t like, calling it ‘hate speech’. But when it comes to opinions Mark likes, there is apparently no …

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