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Privacy, Surveillance, Spying (video)

Many, including us, believe Edward Snowden to be a true American Hero. Others think Ed is a traitor who should be executed, or at the very least imprisoned for life. How are Americans to remain a free people and govern ourselves responsibly if ‘We the People’ are uninformed, especially regarding …

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Proof Law Enforcement is Corrupt (video)

More and more citizens are witnessing law enforcement antagonize, harass, and abuse others all while violating their own internal policies and worse, breaking the law. You won’t doubt it when you see this video.   Related Articles: North Carolina: Blind Teen Surrounded by Bullies Who Broke Phone (video) Police Using …

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5G Smart Grid IS the New World Order (video)

5G or 5th Generation wireless technology is being rolled out nationwide and will be fully operational soon. It promises to bring lightening fast internet communications to virtually all Americans. Downloads that now take minutes will be done in less than a second. Sounds wonderful. Unfortunately there’s a dark side, a …

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Economic Development – the Difference One Man Made (Video)

What a Difference As Scotland County struggles to right its severely depressed economy, take a look at what one man with determination and a clear vision accomplished. It wasn’t easy, but it sure made a difference. David Madore – Part 1 – Businessman  David Madore – Part 2 – Supporting …

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Slash the Cost of Car Ownership – Legally (Video)

Times are tough for lots of folks here in Scotland County. We’ve all noticed that each year the cost of registering and plating vehicles continues rise, in some cases dramatically. Did you know there’s a completely legal way to not reduce, but completely eliminate this expense?   “How to drive …

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Big Bada Boom! (Video)

Mark Passio has a very strong point of view regarding ‘What’s Going on in America’ and ‘Where it’s Headed’. Mark could be wrong, but then again he might just be right. If so, it’s time to get your gun because the fight of your life is coming, and it’s coming …

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The One Thing that Can Save Us All! (video)

Not all of us are old enough to remember President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Even fewer remember that Eisenhower earlier served as Supreme Allied Commander of European Theater Operations during World War 2. Ike was no slouch and he definitely wasn’t afraid to make waves. Ike’s great grand daughter Laura Eisenhower …

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