Chemtrails – What’s Going On? (video)

chemtrails-whats-going-onWe’ve all looked up into the sky and seen jets streaking across the horizon leaving a crisscross pattern of trails in their wake. Government officials tried to allay public concern by explaining these were ‘condensation vapor trails’ (contrails) caused by normal jet engine exhausts at high altitude.

While this may have fooled the Sheeple, those more astute noted that, unlike contrails which quickly dissipate, these trails lingered, often for hours.

Word eventually began leaking out that chemicals were being sprayed by large, unmarked aircraft, and that this was occurring with regularity across the entire nation as part of a secret military black ops program.

When confronted, government spokespeople next tried to explain that the spraying was part of a harmless weather modification program that has been going on since the 1940s, but mounting evidence released by whistleblowers shows these chemicals are anything but harmless,; rather, a highly toxic mix of heavy-metal nano-particles and extremely dangerous radioactive isotopes.

Just what is going on, and why are virtually all Americans and American soil being bombarded with this extremely toxic brew? We met with 8th District U.S. Congressman Richard Hudson’s ‘Constituent Relations Manager’, Chris Maples, and asked him about Chemtrails. He told us: ‘The Congressman isn’t concerned’ and then bolted. If there’s nothing wrong, why doesn’t anyone want to talk about this?

Many scientists believe military related weather modification is part of the story, and that’s bad enough, but a growing number now believe it’s part of the much larger Rothschild New World Order ‘Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030‘ depopulation program aimed at reducing world population levels.

Healthcare professionals report emergency rooms nationwide are full with individuals, especially the young and old, reporting breathing difficulties, headaches, flu like symptoms and blurred vision.

The Internet is loaded with stories about how Merle Haggard and Prince’s recent deaths were related to their high profile efforts to expose this sinister, evil and deadly program.

Here are a couple of videos that shed some light on these mysterious goings on:





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