CA Wildfires & Hurricanes – Disaster Capitalism at Work


California’s latest spat of wildfires are no accident, neither are recent hurricanes. As one CIA assets says: “In today’s world, there are no accidents or coincidences”.

‘Disaster Capitalism’ is Big business. It’s as American as apple pie. Millions are employed repairing, restoring and replacing homes, vehicles, appliances and infrastructure damaged or destroyed by storms, wildfires, floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, seismic events and tsunamis. An entire industry of mega gypsy corporations has sprung up, blanketing the nation like locusts, moving from one disaster to another.

Pickups, vans, semi-trucks and motor-homes fill parking lots at Lowe’s, Home Depot and Walmart. Car dealers and other retailers like Amazon and eBay report surging sales following each disaster. Restaurant and motel chains are booked solid. Truckers, railroads and barge lines struggle to keep up with demand. ‘First responders’, LEO’s and other government types are treated to double and triple-time paychecks, plus a plethora of new do-dads, gadgets and gizmos.

Compliant local worker bees receive temporary work. ‘Connected’ small business owners receive contracts, cash infusions and FEMA/SBA assistance. It’s a win-win for everybody; well almost everybody. Some folks do get killed, others are injured and countless lives are upended and destroyed forever, but isn’t this a small price to pay considering the overall benefits?

Bottom line: Disaster Capitalism, just like our War Economy, keeps things humming.

Of course, not every region or locality can be fortunate enough to be visited by disaster, so getting in on this lucrative, bountiful cornucopia of greed, avarice and waste can be a tough, competitive business. State and local officials must vie to see that they and ‘deserving’ constituents get their fair share of available spoils.

This veritable feeding frenzy is funded by a never ending flood (no pun intended) of Federal disaster relief funds supplied by the Satanic Rothschild banking family’s U.S. Federal Reserve System which creates money from thin air and loans it to the U.S. Treasury and debt slaves like us at interest. It’s niece work if you can get it.

With so much at stake nothing can be left to chance. Old fashioned, random, haphazard and unreliable ‘Acts of God’ have been replaced with precision geoengineered ‘Acts of Government’. Powerful, sophisticated weather modification techniques create and steer today’s disasters using directed energy beam, scalar, HAARP, chemtrail, sound, frequency, cloud seeding and other proven technologies (

Instead of being angry and up in arms, Americans appear content to sit in front of the tube watching this never ending soap opera of engineered disasters unfold. Sure, it can be a welcome respite from the constant din of Hollywood entertainment, programmed news mayhem, sports extravaganzas and TV preachers, but is this reason enough to destroy ourselves, our nation, our environment and our future?

As important as Disaster Capitalism is, it’s just one of many state sponsored terrorism tools like cheap beer, caffeinated sodas, energy drinks, junk food, toxic vaccinations, 5G and a government indoctrination/day care system masquerading as public education that guarantee we remain fat, dumb, uninformed, compliant, and subservient.

It’s time to wake up!

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