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Facebook Supports Trump Assassination

donald-trump-mark-zuckerbergMark Zuckerberg is the grandson of one of the New World Order’s main proponents, David Rockefeller.

If you have something controversial to say on Zuckerberg’s Facebook, Forget It. Facebook scrubs anything they don’t like, calling it ‘hate speech’. But when it comes to opinions Mark likes, there is apparently no limit.

Mark Zuckerberg “I want Donald Trump dead. In fact, I have even sponsored a Facebook page dedicated to assassinating Trump”. However, if writers like Dave Hodges post one negative observation about Hillary Clinton and her criminal activities, I will ban that person and their observations”. Facebook is a perversion upon America. Zuckerberg is an agent of the NSA and the CIA.  Is it surprising that he is David Rockefeller’s grandson? The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.Read more…

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