Geoengineering Watch Alert (video)

We are nearer to a moment when converging global events could catalyze populations in a common cause. If such an awakening were to occur, what would be the most logical top priority challenge for us to collectively focus on first? Could a societal wake up be the silver lining to the rapidly unfolding and escalating difficulties that we are increasingly facing? Is it possible that the effort to awaken others to the truth, matters in and of itself? Can our collective efforts turn the tide in time?

Science studies on human psychology conclude that “social solidarity serves as a kind of defense mechanism against destructive (blind and unwarranted) obedience to authority”. Can we reach a critical mass of awareness in time? Sharing credible data is a key factor in regard to waking others to the truth, make your voice heard. Dane Wigington”

We believe the video below is such credible, and important, data.



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