Gibson North Carolina 28343 Commits Municipal Suicide (Part 1)


Fear Knowledge, Embrace Ignorance

Gibson North Carolina 28343 is dying, not because that is our Crearor’s destiny, but rather because its elected officials are weak, lazy, ignorant, easily manipulated and corrupted.

Gibson Town Commission – A Sad Excuse for Governance

The LE’s article ‘Chavis resigns seat on Gibson board’ started out by saying: “Town of Gibson commissioners will have an important decision to make at their upcoming monthly meeting…”

Fact is, the Commission’s decision to leave Belton Chaviz’ position open until the next election cycle will go down as one of the least important decisions ever made on planet earth.

If Gibson Commissioners can be counted on to do one thing, it’s to vote on whatever is put in front of them with zero knowledge, understanding, discussion, comment or concern. Commissioners routinely come to monthly meetings completely unprepared. They are nothing more than a rubber stamp for Mayor Ronnie Hudson, Town Clerk Angela Hunsucker and Public Works Manager Greg Leonard, so much so that it really doesn’t matter who is on Town Commission or even if there is a Town Commission.

Commissioners think nothing of approving contracts and agreements with state and federal agencies and private vendors that in some cases run hundreds of pages in length without any discussion whatsoever, openly admitting that not one of them even bothered to read the document. While they think it’s funny, the truth is it’s been a dream come true for grifters looking to scheme, scam, flim-flam and take advantage of townies.

In one instance the salesman pitching a FEMA contract admitted he himself had no idea what it was about, but nevertheless offered that: ‘every other community [he] had presented it to had approved it’.

Imagine Gibson approving a 300+ page contract on the basis that other lemmings had already jumped off the cliff! Does this sound even remotely responsible? Is it any wonder Gibson has become an open sewer (literally) full of vacant, vandalized, burglarized structures, broken glass and For Sale signs?

Attorneys advise never to sign any contract, document or agreement without having first read it and making sure you understand every word, including the punctuation. Despite this, Gibson’s Town Attorney routinely sits silently at Commission meetings as contracts are presented and approved without uttering so much as a peep.

Ever wonder what all those strange looking devices are on top Gibson’s water tower? The Town Commission would have us believe these are harmless cell and broadband communication antennas and repeaters. This is incorrect. Had the Commissioners bothered to read the contract they would know better.

This array is an extremely powerful military grade ‘Frequency Pulse Weapon’ that will in due course be deployed against the people of Gibson as part of ‘NWO Agenda 2030’.

Yes, dear gentle reader, there are forces beyond your knowledge, understanding, comprehension or imagination at work. When Jesus said: “Pick up your cross and follow me”, he wasn’t kidding. There is much work to be done, starting right here in Gibson.

According to Agenda 2030, Gibson is overflowing with ‘Useless Eaters’, those who consume more in government services than they produce in government revenue and therefore won’t be needed as part of the Zionist New World Order that is currently being rolled out.

Useless eaters include:

  • The Infirm.
  • The Disabled.
  • The Unemployed.
  • Those receiving Welfare, SNAP, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Those receiving the ‘Earned Income Tax Credit’.
  • Those engaged in agricultural pursuits and consuming more in USDA subsidies than they produce in net revenue to the government.
  • Pensioners. Pension systems are designed to fail and when they do, the last thing ruling Zio elites want is a bunch of whiny, panicked cry babies stampeding the rest of the Sheeple.

The contracts Gibson Commissioners sign with complete abandon abrogate our rights, freedoms and liberties, and reduce or eliminate the sovereignty of our municipal corporation (Town of Gibson), allowing the implementation of dangerous, lethal technologies that can and will be used against us… all in exchange for a few ephemeral baubles and trinkets. This is not only short sighted but downright treasonous.

Gibson and Scotland County desperately need public officials willing and capable of fulfilling their responsibilities.

Gibson Town Hall – Satan’s little workshop.


Laurinburg Exchange

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