Gibson’s Crime Wave – One Resident’s Frightening Story!

Gibson Commits Municipal Suicide – Part 2

The crime wave (see here, here and here) that has gripped this small southern town is no accident or coincidence. Gibson, North Carolina 28343 is hellbent on committing ‘Municipal Suicide’.

Armed, violent, recidivist criminals are running loose terrorizing the community, while Town Officials work feverishly behind the scenes to terrorize ‘select’ residents. That’s right, hardened criminals roam the streets while Town Officials are taking deliberate action, knowingly placing hand picked town residents in harm’s way, in jeopardy of being robbed, assaulted and even killed.

No Gibson resident can feel safe in their persons, home or possessions until this crime wave is brought under control.

The Scotland County Sheriff’s Department is trying to get a handle on things, but is admittedly overwhelmed due to high personnel turnover, low morale and a plethora of entertaining but burdensome, nonsensical community outreach programs.

Sheriff Ralph Kersey has brought in the Federal Police, but they have an agenda all their own, so, in the end it’s really going to be up to us as usual.

Here’s one resident’s frightening story:

Long time multi-acre agricultural property owner (name withheld by request) enjoyed her peace and quiet, savouring the beautiful forests, storm clouds, birds, bunnies, deer, fox, raccoons, possums, hoot owls, butterflies, dragonflies and bees.

Today, she’s terrified and lays the blame squarely at the feet of Gibson’s dystopic Mayor and Town Commission (see list of culprits below) who, instead of addressing critical safety issues, spend precious time figuring out how to ‘jam it’ to those on their ‘hit list’.

Relations with the town had been cordial for years, despite there being issues. The Town’s raw, untreated municipal sewage regularly backed up onto her property following heavy rains when the Town’s south sewage lift station failed, but it quickly flowed into a drainage ditch (stream) which went under State Highway 381 and out into North and South Carolina watersheds. A cloudy, milky industrial pollutant, likely left over from Gibson’s go-go days, also flows from under the town and through the stream, but it too quickly exited.

Gibson is tired and poor, it’s infrastructure in disrepair. Those with get up and go got up and left long ago and there simply haven’t been sufficient resources to address issues. “I never complained, keeping my concerns to myself, leaving things well enough alone seemed like the best thing” said this property owner.

Unfortunately, Town officials couldn’t help but upset the apple cart.

Residents from neighbouring Section 8 public housing toss liquor bottles, food containers, old clothing, furniture, tires, soiled diapers and unwanted children’s toys over their fence and into a drainage ditch that also flows into the culvert under Highway 381. Neither the Town of Gibson nor Scotland County Social Services have shown any interest in correcting the situation.

To make matters worse, Section 8 vendors hired to clear brush and trim trees often throw their own debris and beer cans into the drainage ditch too instead of using a chipper or hauling debris away. Eventually all this trash and organic debris proved too much for the culvert and it became plugged.

With raw, untreated Town sewage, storm water, legacy pollution and Section 8 trash unable to get through, it didn’t take long for this stinking, festering, fetid mess to back up, flooding the owner’s property and an adjacent agricultural property.

Despite the seriousness, the property owner didn’t panic, but calmly went over to Town Hall on September 9, 2018, explaining the problem to Town Clerk Angela Hunsucker.

When no response was received and no effort was made to clear the culvert blockage, the property owner’s assistant contacted Gibson Public Works Manager Greg Leonard, leaving a detailed message describing the situation, offering to meet with Mr. Leonard at the state highway culvert site, suggesting a possible course of action and even offering to participate in the actual remediation effort. Mr. Leonard did not respond.

A letter was sent to the Town on November 14, 2018 articulating the problem and seeking resolution. The Town did not respond.

A second letter was sent on December 12, 2018. The Town did not respond.

Clerk, Angela Hunsucker, finally emailed the property owner on December 19, 2018 stating that Mr. Leonard would be responding.

That same day a text message and voice mail arrived from Mr. Leonard unleashing a torrent of vicious, violent, threatening insults. Mr. Leonard’s abuse included calling the property owner “Fuckin’ God Damn Yankee Trash”.

Virtually everyone who reads or listens to Mr. Leonard’s incredibly shocking assault is dismayed, and perplexed that Town officials did not immediately discharge Leonard ‘for cause’ and report his actions to the District Attorney.

Quite the opposite, Town Commissioners rewarded Mr. Leonard with a bonus and raise. Listen to and read (via links above) Mr. Leonard‘s full venting and see if you agree a bonus and raise were in order.

While the property owner attempted to work with the Town in an open, honest, transparent and assistive manner, little did she know the Town was working behind the scenes, under cover of darkness to turn the tables in an attempt to morph her into the perpetrator and the Town the victim, going so far as to enlist the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality to confirm (according to Ms. Hunsucker) that the flooding with raw, untreated Town sewage is actually the fault of the property owner, not the repeated failure of the Town’s south sewage lift station, and the property owner will need to hire a ‘licensed plumber’ to correct the situation. And, as for the legacy pollutant, even though it comes from upstream, it too is somehow the property owner’s fault. Fortunately, the laws of physics remain in force and shit still flows downhill despite Ms. Hunsucker’s Bullshit which is flowing in all directions.

When it comes to Civil Rights protections, it appears not much has changed in North Carolina since the ‘Greensboro Woolworth lunch counter days’ back in 1960. Sure, there are plenty of warm & fuzzy new laws and agencies, but where is the interest in actual enforcement? Rather, it seems a massive ‘cover up machine’ has been put in place. Living here has turned out to be like the old Rod Steiger, Sydney Poitier movie ‘In the Heat of the Night’.

The Town’s retaliation against this unfortunate property owner who dared bring a problem to the Town’s attention became official on Friday, January 18, 2019 when Clerk Hunsucker sent an email, stating the Town was going to remove Their Gate’.

A standard ‘farm style gate’ with padlock had been in place for decades at the intersection of the farm road and Highway 381. The gate prevented breaking & entering incidents, vandalism and the dumping of trash, an issue that continues to plague the community. Those with a legitimate need to enter (the Town, Fire Department, Electric Utility, property owner and neighbouring farm) all had keys.

The Town’s claim that it now owned both the road and gate couldn’t be further from the truth. The Town had been granted an easement in 1980 from the then property owner to pave and maintain the road and install and maintain utilities (water & sewer) for the purpose of serving a large forest products facility that was being constructed. The easement made clear that the Town’s willingness to pave and install utilities was predicated on the facility bringing employment to the community. The road has never served any other purpose or property and dead-ends at the now ‘former’ forest products facility.

An ‘easement’ conveys certain stated rights, but does not convey ownership. The road and gate remain the property of the property owner. ‘Permanently affixed improvements made on land over which an easement exists run with the land and become the property of the property owner, not the easement holder unless otherwise specified’. “Real estate includes the land and anything fixed, immovable, or permanently attached to it such as buildings, walls, fixtures, improvements, roads, trees, shrubs, fences, sewers, structures, and utility systems.” (Black’s Law Dictionary).

Now, all of a sudden, and only after the property owner complained about Town activity that was threatening her property, did the Town claim ownership of the road and gate and threaten to remove the gate, which the Town subsequently did on February 4, 2019 without any ‘due process’, public hearing or evidence of purported ownership.

Removing the gate, proclaiming the road ‘open’ was a deliberate and calculated provocation, an invitation to every criminal in the area to break into the owner’s property, and as could be expected, the property was vandalized and break-ins attempted within days of the gate’s removal.

‘Won’t you come into my parlour said the spider to the fly.’

Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 2:12PM, a plain clothes officer in an unmarked vehicle entered the owner’s property. He had not been invited, sought permission, nor did he have cause to suspect unlawful activity was or had been taking place at this location. This officer’s trespass onto private property was illegal, no different than that of any other common criminal.

Within moments of his arrival, the Officer’s car became severely disabled and he called for assistance. Two additional plain clothes officers arrived at 2:29PM in an unmarked car and a flatbed recovery vehicle arrived minutes later. The recovery vehicle departed at 2:58PM with the immobilized vehicle onboard and the three officers drove away together in the other car a few minutes later.

Had this incident occurred at night the results would likely have been very different. The officer could easily have been mistaken for an armed intruder and killed. Luckily, such tragedy was avoided this day.

A Criminal Conspiracy is playing out over at Gibson Town Hall and sooner or later someone is going to get seriously injured or killed. Here are the players working to make this happen:

  • Mayor Ronnie Hudson – Bad actor with a bad rep and a rap sheet to match.

  • Commissioner Stephen Hudson – Mayor Hudson’s faithful, loyal lapdog offspring.

  • Commissioner Ken Haney – Old tyme grifting bully from way back.

  • Commissioner Randy Pearson – Good ole boy who does whatever his handler says.

  • Commissioner Adam Liles – Knows the truth, but is frightened and too cowardly to act.

Freedom has never been free. Remaining a free people requires courage and action. ‘Yes Massa, whatever you say Massa’ will never get the job done. Jesus understood this and exhibited courage throughout brief time on earth. 

When the criminals include those holding public office and those wearing law enforcement badges, you know you’re on your own when it comes to defending yourself and protecting your property. Taking the law into your own hands, while unfortunately necessary under certain circumstances, can be a recipe for disaster and should be avoided whenever possible.

Scotland County, is desperately trying to put a happy face on efforts to attract business, industry, retirees and investors, but the fact remains: Your personal safety, freedom, liberty, investment dollars and retirement savings remain in severe jeopardy here.

Nothing good comes when The ‘Rule of Law’ is replaced with iron-fisted Fascism.

Have a Blessed Day!

Laurinburg Exchange

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