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Homeschooling – Part 1 – Why You Should Start Now

Public Education is a huge Industry designed to serve a ruling elite with generous contracts, and lifetime employment, salary and benefit levels they could never dream of achieving in the private sector. Its has nothing to do with educating children, developing critical thinking skills or preparing the next generation to take their place in a rapidly changing world. Its purpose, aside from draining taxpayer pockets, is to indoctrinate the next generation of followers, obedient team members who will not question the established party line… albeit, good little zombie robots dependent on government largess.

Scotland County continues to spend tens of millions of dollars constructing new and maintaining existing schools despite its well established dismal showing in state educational achievement scoring. This colossal waste of money is occurring at a time when an incredible nationwide shift is occurring, a shift away from public education to ‘results oriented home schooling’ that is being driven by parents no longer willing to see their children’s futures destroyed by a self serving, self dealing elite.

Scotland County, with it’s large number of single moms sitting idly at home waiting for their next installment of public benefits to arrive is well positioned to take advantage of this home schooling trend should they so choose.

Moving in this direction would save county taxpayers millions of dollars and offer children a chance to receive real educations that could break the cycle of poverty that has gripped our county.

“Plenty of young people become well educated by their parents and through their own efforts despite going to public school.

But you can make the results even more dramatic by removing your children from these harmful institutions.” Read more…


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