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Housing Authority Utility Waiver?

utility-deposit -waiver-programLaurinburg City Council is proposing to give Housing Authority residents a Waiver from having to pay the City Utility’s ‘Electrical Connection Fee’.

This ‘connection fee’ is actually a Security Deposit designed to help protect the Utility from irresponsible ratepayers who skip out without paying bills.

Is it right that those clever enough to qualify for subsidized housing, utilities, food, healthcare and Obama phones now won’t have to pay a Security Deposit for electric service? If it’s such a great idea, why not grant a Waiver to all utility customers? Oh that’s right, then everyone would just skip out without paying their bills.

Housing Authority residents who qualify for ‘utility assistance’ would of course continue to receive money to pay utility bills, they just won’t have nearly as much incentive to actually do so. Some may instead choose to spend this allotment on more pressing needs like cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

It’s already way too easy for Housing Authority residents to stiff the City’s Electric Utility. Other than ‘promising to get caught up sometime in the future and (supposedly) not to do it again’, there are few real consequences. Far too many have learned how to ‘work the system’, and City Council’s proposed Waiver now threatens to turn what’s been a small but thriving cottage industry into a full blown avalanche of irresponsible behavior, the cost of which will ultimately be paid by those who actually do pay their utility bills.

This isn’t about withholding or even scaling back assistance to those who are struggling and truly in need; it’s about getting hosed once again by an irresponsible City Council that’s totally out of touch with those who actually pay the bills.


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