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If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen

This year’s Scotland County Sheriff’s race between incumbent Ralph Kersey and challenger John Martin, while heated, is nothing out of the ordinary. Nevertheless, Sheriff Kersey’s wife Angie appears distraught, experiencing great angst, as she herself expresses and bemoans:

Angie Williams Kersey
October 25 at 8:42 AM

To all the citizens of Scotland County that are working so hard to make this county a better place to live, we apologize to you for the negativity, ugliness and divison this election has caused to our county. We too have put blood, sweat, and tears in this county and it sickens me to my core to see people trying to destroy the work we ALL have done. Once again, I apologize.

Most importantly Ralph and I want to apologize to the employees of the Sheriff’s Office for being drug through the mud, disrespected and all their goods being evil spoken of. These employees have shed many tears, blood, and sweat these last four years and we hate to see their outstanding jobs being disrespected in this election. We apologize to you all from the bottom of our hearts. We are family and we love you all!

Ralph has decided not to respond to anymore comments and let his work and their work speak for itself. We’re asking that you not participate in any post being negative toward either candidate. We all have families that didn’t ask to be in the politicial spotlight.

Ralph and John both deserve the respect for the many years of service in law enforcement and it should not be tarnished by bad politics.

It’s your choice as to whom you vote for in this election. We just ask that you lift up your candidate and support them 100% but please stop tearing down the other. We have less than 2 weeks and it will be over.

It’s not to late to turn this around and show our county and the surrounding counties that are watching us that we are proud to live in Scotland County.

Bless you all and keep all of us in your prayers. ❤

We genuinely sympathize with Mrs. Kersey’s heartfelt feelings and don’t wish her pain, but feel compelled to point out that running for political office can be a gut wrenching experience for both candidates and loved ones. It’s not for everyone, and certainly not for the faint of heart.

The issue before us isn’t really about the Kerseys though. They are without a doubt wonderful people. It’s also not about sheriff department employees. The question is: Who do voters feel will do the best job as Scotland County Sheriff?

John Martin has no record upon which to be judged so we must size him up as best we can. Ralph Kersey however, has been county sheriff for the past four years and can be judged upon his record.

Choosing who will represent us in elected office is not a perfect process, far from it. It can be messy, divisive and rough and tumble, and the outcome is in no way guaranteed to be to our liking.

The entire American political process is deeply flawed and needs much work. Unfortunately, any hoped for improvement won’t be coming in time to assuage Mrs. Kersey’s concerns.

Her husband’s reelection campaign was never destined to be a high class event, a ‘stroll through the park’, nor an uplifting experience. To think otherwise would be naive. If it has become too much to bear, perhaps Mrs. Kersey should urge her husband to withdraw from the race. After all, If you can’t stand the heat, it’s best to stay out of the kitchen.

County Commission candidate Matt Block’s recent withdrawal proved that, while you may take a few jabs and even some direct hits, withdrawing from a race is not a life ending experience.

It is true that some bombs lobbed Sheriff Kersey’s way appear to be small minded, petty, vindictive and just plain wrong, but others are serious, legitimate issues raised by citizens concerned that Kersey’s four year reign has been a flop. Some, like us, believe his administration to be much more than a flop; rather, an extremely unsettling and damaging experience for our county and its future.

Sheriff Kersey continues to crow about his crime reducing statistics but the fact is elected officials and government bureaucrats know how to massage and cook numbers until things look rosy. When was the last time you heard a politician talk about the lousy job they were doing and all the money they’ve wasted?

Sheriff Kersey also points with pride to his full court regimen of of ‘FREE’ programs (see below), but our own personal experience attending Kersey sponsored events tells us these programs are standard government issue public relations fluff and nothing more. And, as for ‘FREE’, anyone who’s been on planet earth any length of time should know there is no such thing as ‘FREE anything’. Everything we do, or don’t do, comes with a price, as those who use Facebook, Google Chrome, etc. are just beginning to discover.

In the end voters will make up their minds largely based upon their own experiences and perceptions. Do residents feel safe in their homes, persons and property? Are we comfortable attending church or going shopping, or are we afraid we might return home to a house or apartment that’s been ransacked? Can we feel relaxed sitting in the living room watching TV without a shotgun on our lap to repel an all too likely home invasion?

I learned as a child not to pick a puppy from the litter that wouldn’t look me in the eye. This holds true for Sheriffs as well. Despite numerous attempts to discuss issues and concerns with Sheriff Kersey over the last 4 years, he has consistently refused to take or return calls. Public officials who are afraid to meet with constituents other than at closely controlled venues have something to hide, and Sheriff Kersey is no exception. His closet appears filled to the brim with skeletons he’d prefer to keep out of sight.

Law Enforcement nationwide is experiencing a systemic crises, following decades of hiring, electing and promoting individuals with qualifications and personalities not compatible with maintaining a free, open, transparent and democratic society. Things are straining at the seams and the natives are getting restless.

Thousands of YouTube videos graphically show police horribly abusing our Constitution and the very law abiding citizens they are charged with serving and protecting. This isn’t a case of a few bad apples either, this is a deep rooted systemic problem that if not corrected is going to end up in a disastrous train wreck.

The job of County Sheriff carries with it huge responsibilities and it’s going to takes some big feet to fill those shoes.

Sheriff Ralph Kersey has turned his back on Scotland County in favour of serving Wall Street and Washington DC’s international banking interests.

This image portrays what some think could happen:


While we don’t agree with the sentiment expressed in the picture, we realize this horrible, dystopic scene could come to pass if we as Americans let things continue to spin further out of control.

The current Law Enforcement model is broken. Speeding around in gnarly police cruisers with blacked out windows while refusing to address criminal activity is unacceptable. Officers so burdened with gadgets, do-dads and gizmos hanging from their belts that they can barely move is not working. Unconstitutional spying and surveillance is causing citizens to further lose respect for law enforcement as a whole.

We desperately need a Sheriff who will serve Scotland County instead of International Bankers. It’s time to Fire Sheriff Ralph Kersey and demand more from the new sheriff.


Ralph Kersey Sheriff
October 24 at 6:11 PM

False Accusations

Every program that has been implemented at the Sheriff’s Office upon taking office is FREE to the Citizens of Scotland County.

Mobile Patrol
Family Watchdog
Raids Online
Church Watch
Neighborhood Watch
Sheriff’s Exchange Zone
Are You Okay
Gun Permits Online
Stuff a Cruiser (Back to School)
Shop with the Sheriff (Christmas)
Operation Safe Street
Lock it or Lose it
Reentry Programs for Inmates
Coffee with a Cop
Law Enforcement Prayer Breakfast
Project Lifesavers
Teen Court
Citizens Academy
Explorer Program
Cuffing Cure for Cancer
ICE (In Case of a Emergency)
Chaplain Program
Inmate Work Program
and many more….

So, the programs are not worthless and they do not cost the taxpayers anything. The purpose of these programs are to reduce crime and build relationships between law enforcement and our citizens.

Please verify this through the county.

More to come.

Sheriff Ralph Kersey


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