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Mayor Block’s Crime Spree Continues

mayor-matthew-block_ccnLaurinburg Mayor Matt Block’s crime spree continues unabated, at least according to some media pundits.

Three recent motor vehicle citations for speeding, reckless driving and wanton disregard can now be added to Doctor Block’s lengthy Rap Sheet which includes being a cardiologist, a purported federal tax scofflaw and a rumored purveyor of prescription medications.

Here’s one crime Mayor Block is not guilty of: Supporting City Council’s outrageous and extremely suspect plan to spend millions of dollars the City doesn’t have to construct a new ‘Colonial Williamsburg’ style City Hall/Police Complex that is not needed and certainly not wanted

Of course, we don’t champion careless, reckless or unlawful behavior, but that being said, we are not so naive as to be unmindful that there’s a lot of taxpayer money involved here and plenty of behind the scenes political shenanigans appear underway.

Are the Mayor’s misfortunes something we should all be concerned about? Is Mayor Block spinning out of control, or is this just ‘red meat’ laid out on the table for display by political opponents seeking to neutralize a recalcitrant mayor who refuses to ‘play ball’ with powerful forces hell bent on pushing this debt laden albatross forward?

There’s a crime being committed here all right, but it has nothing to do with Mayor Matt Block. This fiasco is about an out of control City Council with egos the size of Texas, and their immensely overpaid hireling, City Manager Charles Nichols.

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