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Mayor & Police Chief Poised to Shift Gears?

Block & WilliamsMayor Matt Block and Police Chief Darwin Williams recent publicity stroll through Laurinburg City Hall appears designed to ensure sufficient ‘cover’ is in place prior to shifting gears in favor of the new $5.5 million City Hall/Police Complex.

City Manager Charles Nichol’s meme, ‘If it’s not now, it’s going to be in five years or 10 years’, is disingenuous and just plain wrong. If things don’t change, Laurinburg is only going to need a tiny office in 5 or ten years, as it’s presently headed toward becoming a pastoral ghost town. Businesses are closing, those who can are selling out and fleeing, trying to outrun a tidal wave of violent crime.

This entire City Hall rumpus only got wings and started flying after the City commissioned its ‘Needs Assessment’. While it’s great to have a list of needs, this is not and has never been about ‘needs’, it’s about what Laurinburg can afford, or in this case, cannot afford.

The Exchange’s recent ‘Tour Aids in new City Hall talks‘ looks like thinly disguised propaganda seeking to move the new City Hall/Police Complex project forward one more notch.

The fact is, there aren’t any ‘talks’ going on. City Council has done everything possible to cut off public dialogue. This is a one way street. The only talking is between the City and itself.

No amount of propaganda, hoodwinking or financial razzmatazz is going to make this dog hunt.


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