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School Consolidation Discussion Misses the Mark

school-consolidation-discussion-misses-the-pointLaurinburg Mayor Matt Block’s recent article regarding Scotland County School’s consolidation, remodeling and new construction plans was well received by the community, but frankly, we thought it completely missed the mark.

Mayor Block is not just a politician, he’s also a doctor of cardiology. Dr Block, like other medical professionals, is trained mostly to respond to symptoms after they have manifested (often severely), rather than focusing on preventing their occurrence in the first place. The fact remains: ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.

Heart disease, cancer and diabetes share one thing in common: they are for the most part attributable to poor lifestyle choices. Fatty, fried foods, junk food, sodas and beer, along with sitting in front of the TV watching sports and mass entertainment are pretty much guaranteed to cause you a heap of trouble in the end. The choice between chronic, debilitating and often fatal disease or good health is Yours.

The same is true for Scotland County. Our extreme dysfunction is the result of poor choices we’ve made in the past and continue to make to this day.

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is allowing others to ‘frame the discussion’, essentially boxing it in.

Framing today’s discussion around consolidation, remodeling and new construction allows those in charge to avoid having to discuss the one and only thing that actually matters… educating our children to become knowledgeable, critical thinkers, capable of responsibly assuming their place in a 21st century economy and self-governing republic. If they can’t do this, the rest won’t matter.

According to the State of North Carolina, Scotland County is doing a terrible job. We’re dead last or almost dead last when it comes to educational performance, individual health and economic achievement. Despite having received tens of millions of dollars in state and federal help, things continue to get worse.

Why is Mayor Block even discussing nonsense like consolidating, remodeling or building expensive new schools?

Why are we allowing Scotland County School Board members and County Commissioner’s to scurry and scamper about as they try and explain that their hands are tied by state and federal rules, regulations, mandates and guidelines? This is disingenuous to say the least.

When our children end up on the dole, addicted to drugs or in prison, who in Raleigh or Washington DC is going to stand up and take responsibility? Scotland County’s problems are ours to solve. 

If those we hire and elect can’t or won’t perform, it’s time to boot them out and try a different approach.

It’s an established fact that home schooled children perform measurably better academically and socially than children educated in public schools.

Why are we continuing to pay for schools that have consistently failed to provide the one thing they’re paid to do: Educate our Children? Is Scotland County happy with a school system that has degenerated into an expensive baby sitting, day care and sports themed warehousing operation? 

When parents decide to have children, that decision comes with the responsibility to do all within their power to to see that their offspring become responsible, productive citizens, not a burden to society.

Why are Scotland County parents not forming homeschooling co-ops, like parents nationwide are doing every day? Over 10 million students are presently enrolled in home schooling, and that number continues to grow.

It’s time to put the monkey on the backs of those who cause and perpetuate our ills.

The Winners: Administrators, principals, teachers, assistants, counselors, coaches, maintenance personnel, bus drivers, contractors and lazy, sports addicted parents are making out like bandits. School Bus manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and Volvo are winning the lottery every single day.

The Losers: Children and Taxpayers.

It’s time to stop the BS, say NO! to the parasites and begin the hard, tough work necessary to protect our most precious asset.

Scotland County children deserve a fighting chance!

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