Scotland County EDC – Blood Sucking Vampire?

Is Scotland County’s Economic Development Corporation just one more Blood Sucking Vampire?

The article EDC to invest in downtown Laurinburg appeared in the Laurinburg Exchange (LE). Like other LE propaganda, it’s warm & fuzzy and sounds great, but the fact is there’s a very dark underbelly that is being hidden from you.

The big question is: Why was this Taxpayer Funded Government Organization legally structured as a ‘Tax Exempt NGO (non-government organization) Corporation’? Is this part of the huge nationwide effort to hide the rampant theft of public assets from the prying eyes of the public?

If the EDC was structured as a public entity, we would have the right to audit its operations and finances and examine the cast of characters guiding this Ouija board’s planchette.

Because it’s a private, tax exempt corporation (albeit publicly funded by Taxpayers), the public has no such right. Corporation management, officers, directors and board members are free to transfer public assets into the hands of private parties, friends, business associates, political cronies and relatives without Taxpayers being any the wiser.

If you were conducting nefarious, immoral, crooked business, which platform would you prefer to operate from: a public entity that could be audited and your misdeeds discovered, or a private, tax exempt corporation where the public pays the bills but has no right to question your deeds?

What would Jesus do?

The LE article stated:

Mark Ward, director of Economic Development and president of the Scotland County Economic Development Corporation, told the city council Tuesday that his board had agreed to buy two buildings downtown.”

Translation: Their Private, Tax Exempt Corporation will be buying buildings for themselves using Your Taxpayer Dollars.

Ward says he hopes to close on the buildings in the next 30 days and the first thing that will be done is a new roof put on both the buildings.”

Translation: New roofs will be put on Their buildings, using Your Taxpayer Dollars.

The goal is to make it an incubator or a business that John A Smith wants to run that we decided as Scotland County EDC should be the type of business downtown wants,” Ward said. “We will allow them to go in there at a significantly low rent to build their business up to stimulate that downtown growth. So that will give mom and pop business an opportunity to go in.”

Translation: After fixing up Their buildings, using Your Taxpayer Dollars, they will decide which of their friends, business associates, political cronies and relatives receive significantly reduced rents with which to unfairly compete against existing businesses which must pay ‘market’ rents and property taxes as well as federal. state and local taxes. They could even decide to sell the buildings to friends, business associates, political cronies and relatives at below fair market value. Heads they win, tails we lose.

We are taking an active role in developing not only industrial sites in the county but also helping the retail and the downtown group as well to make Scotland County a group effort,” Ward said. “Not the city do their thing, Laurel Hill do their thing, Gibson do their thing, main street do their thing, I do my thing. We’re going to do it all together because we’re all going to be partners.”

Translation: The EDC’s idea of being ‘partners’ is They use Your Taxpayer Dollars to buy properties for Their Private, Tax Exempt Corporation which then renovates them with Your Taxpayer Dollars and then rents them out or sells them to friends, relatives, business associates and political cronies at below market rates.

Ever wonder why your property taxes are so high?

Laurinburg Exchange

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