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Scotland County’s New School


Public education is undergoing increasing scrutiny. America spends more per pupil on K-12 education than any other developed nation, yet, despite such taxpayer generosity, American students score at the very bottom, as measured by internationally recognized standards. Scotland County schools rank near the bottom in North Carolina.

Educators’ solutions have focused mainly on spending more money, building new schools and reducing class size. Despite this having been done, American children continue to fall further and further behind.

Worse yet, studies show that home schooled students, guided by Internet based curriculum, perform better than those who’ve actually attended public schools. Educators respond that, home schooled children miss out on the ‘rich, diverse social environment’ public schools provide, but there’s no evidence supporting this. In fact, the opposite appears to be true, as today’s children have no trouble socializing or interacting, whether in person, on the net, through social media or at public events.

Has Public Education become an expensive, inefficient Baby Sitting Service, Day Care Center and Sports venue for bored parents, a place where government types hang out until gravy train pensions kick in?

It’s time to put Scotland County’s children and future first. New administration, not new schools.

Options presented Monday included securing bonds through either the county commissioners or public referendum, USDA Rural Improvement Program loans, or a public-private partnership in which the school system could have a new school built to its specifications and then effectively lease it from the developer.Read more…


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