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Scotland County to Begin Spraying for Mosquitoes

Following weeks of inaction, Scotland County Commissioners have authorized a limited mosquito spraying program.

As usual however, our Commissioners are a day late and a dollar short. Spraying at this late date is a waste of money and effort since the much cooler fall weather now upon us will quickly kill off mosquitoes naturally along with their eggs.

The very fact that the spraying program will take five weeks means spraying will still be taking place in late November when most of us will be wearing fall jackets and the mosquitoes will be nothing but a distant memory.

County Commissioners have made it clear that budgetary constraints make it impossible to spray the entire county, so wouldn’t it have been a good idea to have thought this whole program through before committing to another expensive boondoggle?

Has there been any thought whatsoever regarding the spraying itself. We know the chemicals used are toxic to mosquitoes, but what about humans, especially vulnerable growing children? Why are County Commissioners silent about possible short and long term health effects to county residents? Should residents be advised to remain indoors along with their children when spraying is occurring?

Scotland County Commissioners once again appear lethargic, poorly informed and not at all budget conscious. Our county is in trouble because those we elect continue to make very poor decisions.

This latest fiasco is yet more proof that the last thing voters need is to approve County Commissioners latest call to once again increase Sales and Use Taxes. The sad fact is, the more money we give them, the more they waste.

It’s time we demand better decision making and greater fiscal responsibility.

“Next week a bug spray truck may come to your neighborhood, invited by Scotland County commissioners who held a second meeting this month to discuss to pressing problem of mosquitoes.

The county was given $54,000 from the state to deal with the pesky biters, but estimates seemed to exceed that amount — until County Health Director Kristen Patterson reported to the board she had found a company, Mosquito Authority, that fits the budget.

Aerial sprays started over budget at $70,000, so the board voted to approve the spray by truck route, which will be $6,282 per treatment, including lodging for the workers. The county plans to pay for five treatments after [Hurricane Michael] passes, which will be over a time span of five weeks.” Read more…

Spraying is scheduled to begin next week.

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