Scotland County/Laurinburg Fleeced in Huge Financial Scam

scotland-county-laurinburg-fleeced-in-huge-financial-scamBig fish eat little fish, the strong prey upon the weak, and the knowledgeable quarry the ignorant.

Scotland County’s dismal economic, education and health metrics are self-imposed, the result of poor choices made over decades. Some say we’ve gone down about as far down as we can go, but we’re here to assure you things can and are about to get much worse.

Scotland County and Laurinburg are rapidly headed toward a financial disaster that will be virtually impossible to recover from. Few will be spared. Pain, misery, devastation and suffering will be wide spread.

1. Laurinburg’s new Municipal Building

Laurinburg’s new Municipal Building, which started as a $5.5 million boondoggle is now projected to cost $9.7 million. Laurinburg has no money, so taxpayers will foot the bill over the coming 40 years. Think taxes are high now, just wait.

Many believe City Council is out of touch, not listening to citizen input, defying ‘the will of the people’. There’s truth here to be sure, but is this the real story?

Politicians have a finely tuned, innate ability to hear and understand exactly what voters want, and don’t. Their political careers depend upon this talent. What they actually do, is of course another matter, often driven by dark, murky forces, nefarious agendas and outside influences.

2. Scotland County Economic Development

Economic Development Director, Mark Ward, has decided the best way to precede forward is by continuing to go backward.

Despite the fact that the old model of taking taxpayer money from one pocket and stuffing in the other to ‘buy jobs’ has failed miserably everywhere it’s been tried, Ward insists he can pull a rabbit out of the hat this time. He can’t!

Every day we spend heading in the present direction translates to lost opportunity and taxpayer money flushed down the toilet.

3. Scotland County Schools

Scotland County’s School Board remains committed to consolidating, remodeling and building its new $41 million school. Since the average new school in America now costs $80 million, we’re guessing our new school will cost at least that.

Remodeling existing schools costs tens of millions more and busing students to outlying facilities adds millions on top of that.

How any of this is supposed to rectify the County’s absolutely horrible ‘educational’ metrics is anybody’s guess.

This nation was built in one room school houses. Today’s dysfunctional, bloated public education industry simply can’t compete. Here’s a test 8th grade students were required to master over 100 years ago before being permitted to advance to high school. Few of today’s high school or even college graduates could pass this test. Can today’s ‘educators’ pass it? Can You?

Throughout human history, ignorance, serfdom and enslavement have been the norm. Education and knowledge were reserved for a privileged few at the top of the food chain. Universal public education promised to ameliorate this condition.

Unfortunately, it was co-opted and is used to mold the lower classes into compliant, obedient worker bees that don’t complain, protest, need slave masters or even overseers. Constant brainwashing with trendy political agendas assures victims aren’t even aware of their own enslavement. Talk about progressive! Contented cows really do produce more milk.

This social engineering model worked well until the Internet began offering ‘knowledge on demand’ to all who seek it. Ignorance and enslavement would now be strictly by choice.

‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink’. Given a choice, most prefer to remain ignorant, seeking the diversion our slave masters suppy through sports, entertainment, gaming, social media, drugs and porn. Those wanting to keep us enslaved prefer things this way, guaranteeing a never ending smorgasbord of trash, filth and sleaze.

Today’s public education system is going to collapse. Can Scotland County taxpayers afford to support something that won’t even be around in 40 years when the bonds are finally retired?

Follow the Money

What do the above schemes, scams, hoaxes and cons all have in common?

If you and we want to advance some pet project, we must invest our own money, if necessary enlisting investors to take the leap into the unknown with us. Politicians on the other hand, don’t need to risk their own money. They spend money collected from us under duress, at gunpoint if necessary, sharing the spoils with kin, cronies and fellow kleptocrats.

“Every politician deserves two terms, one in office, the second in prison.” Mark Twain

Scotland County and Laurinburg elected officials are putting us in bonded debt to the tune of about $150 million. It’s a big job, and honestly, this bunch doesn’t appear smart enough to accomplish such a mission. We’re guessing they’ve got some serious outside help.

The question is: Who’s pulling the puppet’s strings? Who’s really driving this bus?

Architects, contractors and vendors are hungry for projects like Laurinburg’s new Municipal Building, let alone the County’s new school + expensive re-model of existing facilities.

Virtually every dollar spent on these projects departs Scotland County as fast as the checks can be cut. Those of us left behind will face a mountain of debt that’s guaranteed to depress business activity and property values for decades to come. Skyrocketing taxes will kill any hopes of job creation or community revitalization.

Government officials sell out citizens, voters and communities every day without so much as blinking an eye. Lucrative ‘consulting jobs’ for family and kin are just one time tested bait dangled before those hoping to become part of the revolving door’s never ending rotation.

Have Laurinburg Council members, County Commissioners and School Board become so bedazzled by the brilliance thirty pieces of silver casts that they’re blind to their responsibilities and the consequences of reckless, negligent behavior?

Who has offered what to whom? Answer this question, and our guess is we’ll all be a lot closer to the wizard who’s pulling the strings.

What Can We Do?

If we’re going to wake up, now’s the time, before we go over the edge.

It’s time to circle the wagons. We’re armed with a powerful weapon our forefathers could never have dreamed of, the Internet.

Cockroaches scramble when light shines upon them. It’s your future. It’s up to you!


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