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Strip Mining Scotland County – Part 1

You probably think strip mining is reserved for coal, iron ore, copper and other large mineral deposits. You’d be wrong.

Strip mining has and continues to be the largest industry in Scotland County. It’s occurring right under our noses, in broad daylight.

The Laurinburg Exchange (LE) recently excoriated Laurinburg Mayor Matthew Block for ‘being against virtually everything’:

“Considering the biggest issues to face Laurinburg and Scotland County over the past couple of years, we have found it incredulous that the city’s mayor would take a stance against each and every one of them, regardless of their potential positives for the future.

The new Laurinburg City Hall … he fought it.
The consolidation of schools … he fought it.
The multi-cultural center … he fought it.
The quarter-cent sales tax referendum … he fought it”.

Take notice that every item on LE’s list of ‘Biggest Issues’ share one thing in common. They all involve Spending lots of Your Money, Raising Your Taxes and placing You in Bonded Debt!

If the items on this list are so important and have so much positive potential why doesn’t LE’s owner, Champion Media, just write a check to fund these projects instead of trying to massage and manipulate us into doing it with our hard earned money?

What exactly are the ‘potential positives for the future’ that LE talks about when it comes to spending money we don’t have? We’re stumped, but we sure can think of a plenty of negatives.

The thing you can be sure of is, if your reading the LE you’re getting spoon fed the party line of those interests whose agenda includes strip mining our county until there is nothing left.

Mayor Matthew Block is no saint, but how would your life look if held up to a microscope? While most area politicos are focused on naming our new (and expensive) school and choosing colour schemes for new Community/Multi-cultural Centers, Matt Block has had the presence of mind and courage to call out the waste, fraud, corruption and abuse behind these efforts.

It’s never easy being out on the point taking flak while fellow politicos duck for cover.

Is Matt Block the only one willing to call out the fact that Scotland County/Laurinburg are being strip mined by some very shady characters and entities?

It’s not often that one can get everything wrong all of the time. Heck, if you simply toss a coin you’ll get things right half the time. That being said, Scotland County/Laurinburg Commissions have a 100% spotless record for spending money we don’t have on expensive, worthless boondoggles we can’t afford.

Scotland County/Laurinburg have Zero ability to fund anything, let alone multi-million dollar Community/Multi-Cultural Centers, without borrowing money, raising taxes and fees, or raising tax rates.

We already have far too much Bonded Debt and Sky High Tax Rates; what Scotland County desperately needs is too much revenue.

Instead of endless gnashing of teeth finding new ways to waste money we don’t have, how about our Commissioners spend a few moments discussing how to grow revenues and get finances on a sustainable path?

Few can argue that Scotland County/Laurinburg are presently headed in a ‘positive direction’. The only growth we have going on is an ever expanding cannibalistic government bureaucracy that serves an ever growing list of moochers feeding at the public trough.

The sad thing is, even with all this ‘other people’s money’, we can’t make ends meet and must either borrow money, turning our citizens into bonded debt slaves, or tax them to death. Let’s not forget these are the go-go days with the economy booming as America is being made great again. What’s going to happen when the next financial crisis comes? If we don’t change our ways, we will surely be up a creek without a paddle, as those who have skinned us alive will be long gone, leaving us with a legacy of unpayable debt and taxes so high that those who can, flee.

Here are a few questions regarding proposed Community and Multi-Cultural Centers:

  • How many Scotland County/Laurinburg citizens will actually be paying the taxes required to build and maintain these facilities? Do you actually pay taxes or are you a net moocher?
  • How many police and sheriff’s deputies will be needed to keep a lid on things so that stabbings, shootings, fights and muggings at the ‘Centers’ remain within acceptable community standards? Who is going to pay for this extra policing?
  • How much will it cost to clean up grounds, hallways and restrooms everyday that are filled with trash, garbage, needles and other drug paraphernalia? Where is the money going to come from?
  • How much will it cost to remove human feces and urine contamination from the swimming pool on an ongoing basis? Public pools all over our nation are struggling with this very issue.

The Laurinburg Exchange is doing a great job of spearheading cheerleading efforts to spend Your hard earned money under a wave of phony populism that it is largely responsible for generating. Let’s leave it to these Pollyannas to put a smiley face on this disaster. The rest of us will be better off facing the reality that we’re broke and we’re allowing a bunch of corrupt plutocrats to make us even more broke.

What would Jesus do?


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