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Economic Development – the Difference One Man Made (Video)

What a Difference As Scotland County struggles to right its severely depressed economy, take a look at what one man with determination and a clear vision accomplished. It wasn’t easy, but it sure made a difference. David Madore – Part 1 – Businessman  David Madore – Part 2 – Supporting …

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KFC Opens Restaurant using Robots Only

While Scotland County Economic Development is trying to bring back the good old days of low skill, low pay factory style jobs, the rest of the world continues to move forward, leaving us even further in the dust. Kentucky Fried Chicken just opened its first restaurant run entirely by robots, …

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Automation = Fewer Jobs

Scotland County desperately needs jobs. An expensive new Economic Development Director was recently hired to ‘make it happen’. Previous directors failed to produce results. In today’s rapidly shifting employment environment this is going to be a daunting challenge. AI (artificial intelligence) driven automated robotics is progressing at an unimaginable pace …

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