Time to Fire Scotland County Sheriff Ralph Kersey

Scotland County Sheriff Ralph Kersey began his reign with good intentions and plenty of forward momentum. His predecessor Shep Jones had left a complete disaster in his wake and much work needed to be done.

Despite getting off to a good start, Kersey got lost along the way, succumbing to the siren song of ‘free money’ from Federal Law Enforcement agencies.

Kersey reached for a full plate of Federal Grant Funding and the County soon sported shiny new police cruisers, crisp new uniforms, the latest computers and a host of other expensive do-dads, gizmos and toys.

There is however no ‘free lunch’ and the price for all the Fed’s ‘free stuff’ is turning out to be very expensive. Kersey sold out the County’s sovereignty and interests to Washington DC ruling elites whose agenda is turning the United States into a Police/Surveillance State that serves the Zionist international banking interests that have gripped our nation.

In case you’ve been asleep or off-planet, the battle for America isn’t between Dems and Rhinos, Blacks and Whites or Left vs. Right, but rather between Christians (excluding Zionist-Christians) and the satanic International Banking Cabal headed by the Rothschild Banking Dynasty headquartered in Basil Switzerland whose goal is to enslave mankind under a New World Order, with them at the top running things and us at the bottom slaving to their every need, whim and desire.

Police State Surveillance/Spying gives government the power to dictate and mold behavior by introducing self-censorship rather than holding people directly at gun point. It is a tyranny enforced in a less obvious way; a prison in which the prisoners maintain the locks. Slavery without whips and chains. Individuals dare not do anything outside of collective norms for fear that it could be interpreted as socially negative. Punishments for failure to comply include Employment Blacklisting, Whisper/Smear Campaigns, inclusion onto the No Fly List, loss of access to government programs and jobs and even the general economy. At a time when most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, this could quickly translate to joblessness, homelessness and eventual starvation.

Kersey allowed outside private contractors funded by Deep State stooges to come into Scotland County and install their latest spy and surveillance equipment that mops up every phone call, keystroke, internet search, email, text, voicemail and other electronic communication regardless of whether you are under suspicion for unlawful activity. This violates the 4th Amendment, the oath of office Kersey swore to uphold and even the most modest standard of ethics and morality. Kersey’s actions represent a clear and present danger to every Scotland County citizen.

Worse yet, Kersey, along with County Commissioners, allowed the installation of ‘so called’ 5G equipment throughout our County. While purporting to be nothing more than an upgraded and faster wireless system, 5G (5th Generation Wireless) is actually much more.

5G is an incredibly powerful high frequency mind and body control weapon developed and successfully used by our military. This system is now being readied to turn against Americans should they dare oppose the satanic international banking cabal’s takeover.

On December 7, 1941 our nation was attacked at Pearl Harbor. This was an attack from without by an external, foreign enemy. Today’s attack is from within our own gates. America’s defenses have been breached. 5G is the biggest threat America has ever faced. You owe it to yourself, your family and especially your children to become informed. Just type in ‘Dangers of 5G‘ on any search engine. It’s a ‘life changing’ experience… guaranteed.

Those who we elected to protect and serve us have instead turned on us.

Sheriff Kersey handed our 911 dispatch system over to Federal control and continues to hand over all information collected from his spying efforts to Federal Fusion Centers which fuse this information with your medical, employment, purchasing, banking and other records to develop and maintain Control Files, Blacklists and Threat Assessments on each and every Scotland County resident.

Like other Federal programs, there is no effective oversight or protection to ensure information collected on you is true or accurate. If a member of law enforcement, your doctor or some corporation doesn’t happen to like you, there is absolutely nothing preventing them from entering false and damaging information about you. When your life starts turning to mush you may not have a clue as to the cause. Did your doctor peg you as a ‘drug user’? Did some LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) identify you as a ‘suspected terrorist’? Did your last employer list you as a ‘disgruntled troublemaker’? Chances are, you’ll never know.

Ralph Kersey is a proven Gun Grabber. He introduced regulations to the County Commission designed to regulate County firearm use. His excuse was that there are irresponsible gun owners firing guns at random and endangering citizens. While this is certainly true, there are already plenty of laws on the books to deal with irresponsible gun owners, bow & arrow owners, bicycle owners and anyone else who recklessly endangers the public. Why is Kersey not using existing legislation, instead proposing gun grabbing measures? Is it because Gun Grabbing is an essential element of the international banker’s plan to bring America to its knees?

Is Ralph Kersey just uninformed or was there a more sinister motive behind his sell out? As with most corruption stories, it appears money is the motivating factor. At least one other retired NC state trooper is deeply involved in a company that sells spy/surveillance and other dodgy equipment to law enforcement throughout North Carolina. Since this equipment is funded using Federal Grants there’s lots of money to be made, and with virtually no oversight.

Scotland County’s Sheriff Department has been turned into nothing more than a field office for Satan’s Federal Police/Surveillance State.

Kersey has also been recommending free FBI programs to Scotland County residents and parents. One program involves giving your children’s DNA to the FBI so they can help locate children should they go missing. Another program involves property owners smearing their guns with a free FBI supplied hydro gel so ‘Law Enforcement can identify them if they are stolen.

While these FBI programs sound great, there are several angles you may want to consider:

The FBI has been identified since its very inception under J. Edgar Hoover as an extremely corrupt, criminal organization. Hundreds of well documented books, articles and reports have been published regarding this subject. They include charges that the FBI was directly involved in the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK. The FBI has also been identified as being responsible for protecting top Pedophiles and Pedo Rings.

Some believe the FBI program to collect your children’s DNA is not to help return them to you should they go missing, but rather to help identify and track children that may be desirable to Pedophilia rings operating under the FBI’s protection.

Look at how may FBI Directors, Assistant Directors and senior officials have been implicated in major crimes in just the past few years. Is the FBI really an organisation you want yourself and your children involved with? Why is Sheriff Ralph Kersey making these recommendations?    

Scotland County needs a sheriff who can balance the rights of a free people with the need for protection from the ever present and growing criminal element.

Achieving this balance requires critical thinking skills, real leadership, and a willingness to summon the courage to stand up against outside influence and manipulation.

Scotland County has the right to determine its own destiny.

Around the County:

Scotland County is plagued by crime. Folks feel they and their property are at risk. It’s a dangerous and potentially explosive situation.

Official crime statistics don’t portray the actual depth of the problem, as victims often don’t bother to report crimes because they know nothing will be done. Those making insurance claims must of course file a police report.

Communities contract with the Scotland County Sheriff’s Department to provide Law Enforcement Services.

While Kersey started out on a positive note, things stalled out and citizens increasingly sense his department is not committed to or capable of addressing crime.

A Laurinburg Exchange article highlighted some of the growing concerns. We ourselves have experienced such problems and attended several Sheriff Department events purportedly designed to assist the community.

We came away with the distinct impression that Officers didn’t understand or care, and quite frankly, didn’t appear to be up to the task anyway. Such canned events were right out of the Federal Police State handbook and obviously for public relations purposes only.

Like others, we eventually stopped going, and despite repeated efforts to contact Sheriff Kersey regarding our concerns, we never heard back. We’d met Sheriff Kersey previously, and while he seemed like a nice guy, it appears he’s way out of his league as County Sheriff.

The question before us now is how do citizens, property owners and taxpayers receive the services they’re already paying for and desperately need but simply not getting?

The following article lays out a solution that towns all across America are now considering and beginning to embrace. It’s a big step, but one that actually appears to work.

Are police necessary? Although this existential question often produces a knee-jerk ‘of course they are, who would protect us?’ a growing call for the abolition of police — and working examples to back it up — deserves more than scornful dismissal, particularly amid epidemic-level violence by agents of the State.Read more…


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