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Time to Fire Scotland County Sheriff’s Department

time-to-get-rid-of-the-police Gibson, like the rest of Scotland County, is plagued by criminal activity. Folks feel threatened and are keeping sidearms handy both at home and while out and about. It’s a dangerous, potentially explosive situation.

Official crime statistics don’t portray the actual depth of the problem,  as victims often don’t bother to report crimes because they know nothing will be done. Those making insurance claims must of course file a police report.

Gibson contracts with the Scotland County Sheriff’s Department to provide Law Enforcement Services. The last Sheriff’s election saw incumbent Shep Jones tossed out in favor of retired State Trooper Ralph Kersey in what can only be described as a spirited race.

After having made numerous promises, Kersey started out on a positive note, but things have since stalled out and citizens increasingly sense his department is not committed to or capable of addressing crime.

A recent Laurinburg Exchange article highlighted some of Gibson’s growing concerns. We ourselves have experienced such problems and attended several Sheriff Department events purportedly designed to assist the community.

We came away with the distinct impression that Officers didn’t understand or care, and quite frankly, didn’t appear to be up to the task anyway. Such canned events were obviously for public relations purposes only.

Like others, we eventually stopped going, and despite repeated efforts to contact Sheriff Kersey regarding our concerns, we never heard back. We’d met Sheriff Kersey previously, and while he seems like a nice guy, it appears he’s out of his league as County Sheriff.

The question before Gibson now is how do citizens, property owners and taxpayers receive the services they’re already paying for and desperately need but simply not getting?

The following article lays out a solution that towns all across America are now considering and beginning to embrace. It’s a big step, but one that actually appears to work.

Are police necessary? Although this existential question often produces a knee-jerk ‘of course they are, who would protect us?’ a growing call for the abolition of police — and working examples to back it up — deserves more than scornful dismissal, particularly amid epidemic-level violence by agents of the State.Read more…


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