Veterans Day – Let’s Not Forget What it’s Really About

Veterans Day has unfortunately become just one more day when government workers and bankers receive a paid holiday so they can go to the mall, sit in front of the Tube or play video games. For all too many Americans however, it’s a day, like every other day, to morn the loss of loved ones killed, injured or maimed in defence of their nation.

The sad truth is however, our nation has been captured by International Banking Interests and their Military Industrial Complex. Our sons and daughters aren’t dying for America, but rather for International Zionist Bankers. This may be a bitter pill to swallow, but the truth often is.

The following article does an excellent job of exposing the truth about massive military waste, corruption, incompetence and abuse. It’s a long and tedious read, but if you care about your family and nation, it’s well worth your time.    

“In the Department of Defense authored summary of the National Defense Strategy of the United States for 2018, Secretary James Mattis quite succinctly sets out the challenges and goals of the U.S. military in the immediate future. Importantly, he acknowledges that the U.S. had become far too focused on counter-insurgency over the past two decades, but he seems to miss the causation of this mission in the first place. U.S. foreign policy, and its reliance on military intervention to solve all perceived problems, regime change and imperialist adventurism, resulted in the need to occupy nations, or destroy them. This leads to the growth of insurgencies, and the strengthening of long simmering religious radicalism and anti-western sentiment in the Middle East and Central Asia. The U.S. military willfully threw itself headlong into a self-fulfilling prophecy.” Read more…


Zero hedge

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