Vote NO on Scotland County Referendum to Increase Sales & Use Tax

Vote NO! – Don’t Increase Scotland County Sales and Use Tax

Scotland County has the well deserved reputation for the highest taxes in North Carolina. Despite such bounty, our Commissioners now want us to pony up for even higher rates.

Scotland County is in deep trouble that’s for sure, but not because we don’t pay enough taxes, rather because we already pay too much.

The 10’s of millions of dollars handed over to Commissioners has not been spent wisely, but squandered on pet projects, worthless boondoggles, blue sky dreams, featherbedding and outrageous salary/benefit packages for top officials.

Friends, cronies, outside vendors and relatives have been enriched, but we the citizens have nothing to show for such irresponsible use of public funds.

Scotland County officials receive salary and benefit packages far above the levels their job performance could ever justify. There are plenty of qualified individuals within our county who would be happy to accept these positions at half present salary levels.

Many Scotland County employees don’t even live in the county. That’s right, instead of their paychecks being recirculated here, supporting local schools and businesses, and paying local sales, property and use taxes, our hard earned tax dollars are enriching neighboring counties and businesses.

Scotland County is slowly being bled to death by the very people we’re paying to govern us. If all county employees lived where they earn their paychecks, we wouldn’t even be discussing the perceived need for higher taxes.

Scotland County Commissioners need to get off their butts, clean up their act and start doing their jobs, and Commissioner wannabes need to start talking about real issues instead of nonsense designed to sidetrack and hood wink us.

The rest of us must make do on our incomes. Why should County Commissioners and their entourage of parasitic moochers feel they can just step up to the taxpayer feeding trough every time they want more money?

Each dollar you pay in taxes and fees is a dollar less left in your pocket to spend on the basic necessities your family needs and deserves.

Albert Einstein said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. If Scotland County is once again to taste prosperity, it won’t do so by raising taxes yet again.

Keep your money in your own pocket. Send Scotland County moochers and parasites a message. VOTE NO!


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