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Laurinburg Police recently arrested several subjects following a month’s long investigation into a Vance Street convenience store suspected of selling synthetic marijuana, known as Spice.

Dealing in, selling or promoting illegal substances is never wise. Doing so from a convenience store appears just plain stupid. Any perceived value will now flow directly into the pockets of bail-bondsmen, legal professionals and the prison-industrial complex.

Two suspects appear to be of Middle Eastern origin, which given the current climate, cannot be considered a plus when it comes to garnering sympathy.

How does this story fit into the Big Picture?

Albert Einstein defined insanity as: ‘Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result’. Change is difficult and disconcerting, but if Laurinburg and Scotland County are to get back on their feet, change is essential.

Was selling marijuana (synthetic or otherwise) from a convenience store actually a ‘cutting edge’ business proposition? Should suspects be given the ‘small business entrepreneur’ of the year award? (just kidding)

A growing list of states  now permit the legal cultivation, sale and consumption of marijuana. Even our federal government has decided to look the other way. An overwhelming majority of Americans favor this trend, and prominent professionals and prestigious organizations increasingly call for not only the decriminalization of marijuana, but all drugs.

How can Laurinburg and Scotland County stop our population from declining further? One certain way would be to not put any more people than needed into the already overflowing prison system.

Can we successfully attract potential retirees if we’re busting potheads while allowing violent crime to spin out of control? Millennials, gen Xers and Baby Boomers all favor decriminalizing marijuana and many other drugs. How long can we afford to push against this wave?

When it comes to fighting crime, Law Enforcement complains about its lack of resources. Does it make sense to commit scarce man-power, time and money to busting, prosecuting and jailing potheads? Can we allow Law Enforcement to squander precious, limited resources? Here’s a snapshot of what our nation’s ‘War on Drugs’ is really about. It’s not pretty.

With increasingly negative demographics (depressed economic activity, dismal health ranking, poor educational ranking, rising crime, increasing taxes and declining property values) this is an issue Laurinburg and Scotland County citizens will sooner or later be forced to confront.

There are no easy answers. Here’s a professionally produced video documentary that may help. Let’s choose wisely.


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