What DNA & Genealogy testing companies are really doing with your data

Sending your DNA to one of the many internet testing and genealogy services may sound like a good and fun idea, but think again…

“At-home DNA testing kit companies are a little vague about when and under which conditions they would hand over your information to law enforcement, using terms such as “under certain circumstances” and “we have to comply with valid requests” without defining the circumstances or indicating what would be considered “valid.” However, they do provide this transparency report that details government requests for data and how they have responded.

Yet, news broke earlier this year that DNA from public database GEDmatch was used to find the Golden State Killer, and it gave consumers collective pause. While putting a serial killer behind bars is worthy cause, the killer was found because a relative of his had participated in a commercial DNA test and uploaded the results to GEDmatch. California investigators ran their old evidence through the open-source database, and found that the relative’s DNA was a close enough match to DNA found at the original 1970’s crime scenes. Through a series of deductions, they were able to rule out other relatives and pin down the real killer.” Read more…



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