What Happens When We Buy Jobs?

manufacturing-jobsHuge corporations like Walmart, Walgreen, MacDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Nestle’s, etc. keep the real cost of their products and services hidden from consumers.

When we invite and incentivize low wage jobs into our community, the only winners are the mega corporations.

Taxpayers get stuck with the true costs by having to pay for EBT Cards, subsidized housing, WICK, LEAP, Medicaid, Obama Phones, etc. that low wage employees receive from the rest of us via government. And when corporations are given tax incentives or tax abatement, property owners must make this loss up by paying higher property tax rates.

Low wage workers are under the thumb of employers when they are on the job, and when off the job, they’re under the thumb of government bureaucrats who control whether they receive benefits and how much. It’s nothing less than modern day slavery.

How much does that Big Mac really cost society? What about all those cheap Chinese made baubles at Walmart? It’s time to stop subsidizing large corporate welfare scofflaws from sponging off us taxpayers.

U.S. manufacturing jobs used to be a path to the middle class for Americans who couldn’t or didn’t dive into the comfort provided by higher education degrees. But now many skilled, working Americans need some form of public assistance because their wages don’t pay for basic living expenses.Read more…


International Business Times

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