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Who’s Spying on You?

who-is-spying-on-youWe’re all familiar with Cell Phone Towers, they’re virtually everywhere, but did you know that most towers have little to do with providing legitimate cell communications?

That’s right, these towers use illegal ‘Stingray’ and other technologies like IMSI Catcher, HailStorm, DRT Box and PRISM to track, collect and record all cellular and digital communications. They are erected and maintained by a local communications company that leases space to local Law Enforcement which uses Federal grant money to pay the bill.

Still don’t get it? Every cell and digital communication you participate in is tracked, captured, recorded, saved, stored and analyzed by local and state law enforcement using software driven by algos and AI. This information is shared with the FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, ATF, DHS and the plethora of other Federal agencies through Fusion Centers.

The fact that this is NOT lawful isn’t stopping local Police and County Sheriffs from tracking your every move, conversation, text message and keystroke as part of a nationwide effort to ensure Americans remain compliant and ‘under control’ while the New World Order works its magic to enslave mankind. The ‘deep state’ uses this information when necessary to blackmail politicians so they’ll keep silent and go along with the charade of democracy.

In addition, new utility and street lighting poles are equipped with extremely sensitive microphones that pick up all nearby conversations.

Worse yet, Federal Grants now fund Drone purchases by local and state law enforcement which allow your every move to be viewed and recorded in real time without you being aware. Drones hover high enough overhead that you can’t see or hear them. Without any Warrant, Law Enforcement can, in Ultra High Definition, watch your teenage daughter sunbathe in the backyard.

Is it any wonder Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about our growing Police State?

America’s real struggle isn’t Black, White, Hispanic, Christian, Islam or even Terrorism, it’s about the 99% being enslaved by the 1%.

The world we and our children will live in tomorrow is being decided by the choices we make today.

The feds sell the technology in the name of “anti-terrorism” efforts. With non-disclosure agreements in place, most police departments refuse to release any information on the use of stingrays. But information obtained from the Tacoma Police Department revealed that it uses the technology primarily for routine criminal investigations.Read more…

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